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Angry Birds Friends, Rovio’s New Comes to Apple’s iPad

Rovio has published his new Angry Birds Friends for iPad in the App Store and you can already enjoy it in the Apple tablet. Angry Birds Friends has become a game that fully integrates the classic game of the angriest birds with social networks, more specifically with Facebook. Now you will have the possibility to challenge your friends in weekly tournaments where you will check who is the best thrower. In Angry Birds Friends you will be able to win daily prizes and challenge your friends by sending them very special gifts.

Angry Birds Friends, the new iPad game from Rovio where you can compete with your friends

The tone of the game is similar to the well-known one, throwing birds and destroying pigs. To start playing you must unlock the tournaments, finishing a fun tutorial first. It won’t take long and you will test the power up including the new which includes Angry Birds Friends.

Angry Birds Friends, Rovio’s New Comes to Apple’s iPadAngry Birds Friends, Rovio’s New Comes to Apple’s iPad

If you want, Angry Birds Friends will connect to your Facebook account and in addition to receiving extra money you will be able to synchronize your games with the social network application itself. You will also be able to see your score and ranking daily and position yourself to get ahead of your friends.

Angry Birds Friends has two game sections: ‘the Weekly Tournaments’, where you can play against your friends in fun levels and ‘the Practice Zone’, where you can try your hand at five different power up levels . In this game mode you can get some practice so that you don’t waste it later on in the tournament.

Have you failed a level where you thought you’d get the best score? Don’t despair, now you can use the new power-up to get it done. The ‘super bird’ will take to the battlefield and finish off the last piglets you left behind.

Here is the video of Angry Birds Friends for iPad:

Rovio doesn’t stop and Angry Birds Friends for iPad (and iPad Mini) will love it. With this new Angry Birds you will be able to have your progress synchronized in all your devices and in your Facebook application in your computer, from which you can also play. Now you will have two basic goals, get the desired three stars in each level and try to climb the podium of the ranking by winning the crown in each level , either bronze, silver or gold. As the game is always connected to the results of your friends you can see who has beaten you and try to repeat the level using a different strategy. You can also send gifts to your friends to help them get through a level. You haven’t played yet? Download it now for free from the App Store.

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