Angry Birds Action para iPhone y iPad, el Pinball de Rovio

La película de Angry Birds costará 185 millones de dólares

Rovio y su increíble repertorio de Angry Birds en iOS

Ahora, con Angry Birds Action! en iOS, Rovio ya tiene toda clase de juegos: Angry Birds Transformers (acción), Angry Birds Fight! (tipo Candy Crush), Angry Birds Epic (RPG), Angry Birds Go! (carreras) y un largo etcétera.

Angry Birds Action para iPhone y iPad, el Pinball de Rovio
Angry Birds Action para iPhone y iPad, el Pinball de Rovio

Nosotros hemos pasado un rato muy divertido jugando a Angry Birds Action! en el iPad, pero desafortunadamente y como os adelantábamos previamente, el título cuenta con sus desventajas: un sistema de energía que se agota cada dos por tres , y las horribles compras integradas dentro de la aplicación para conseguir diamantes y vidas extra.

Se desconoce la fecha exacta del lanzamiento de Angry Birds Action! en la App Store del iPhone y del iPad. Por el momento el juego tan solo está disponible en la App Store de Nueva Zelanda a modo de pre-lanzamiento. ¡Os mantendremos informados!

¿Qué opináis del nuevo Angry Birds Action!? ¿Tenéis ganas de probarlo?

Rovio, the golden goose of the App Store, is back with a new game for the popular angry bird saga: Angry Birds Action!

Angry Birds Action! comes to the iPhone and iPad as a kind of pinball game… Pinball? Yes, yes! and it has a great variety of levels, colorful and very detailed graphics, and a frantic and full of emotion gameplay.

We have been able to access the game, which has not yet been released on the App Store, and we leave you with the Angry Birds Action! video review for iOS. Good music, good gameplay, colorful graphics, and a simple and effective control system.

Angry Birds Action! for iPhone and iPad, we have tested it

The truth is that Angry Birds Action! surprised us pleasantly , we were expecting a much simpler game and we found a wonder. Of course, Rovio’s game will come with the tiresome in-app shopping.

As you can see in the video review of Angry Birds Action! for iPad and iPhone, the game mechanics are completely new . Or, at least, Rovio hadn’t dedicated any Angry Birds to this subject until now.

How do you play Angry Birds Action!

To control the birds, of course, we must slide our finger over the iPhone or iPad screen, to make it bounce off the walls breaking all the elements of the pinball to win extra coins and moves.

Our goal at Angry Birds Action! is simply to get all the eggs in order to pass each level. It’s funny how many references to the new Angry Birds movie appear in the game, both on the character level and on the level map itself.

So, in a way, Angry Birds Action! by iOS for iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini will be a kind of prelude to the hilarious animated film that will be released later this year.

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