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Angry Birds Action Comes to iOS Before Your Movie Premiere


We may be looking at the most iconic game franchise of the modern mobile age, and now the long-awaited film “Angry Birds” is coming to theatres in a few weeks. Although it is expected that we will come across a lot of commercials during the next weeks, Rovio has decided to give it a little more weight with the launch of a new and interesting title called “Angry Birds Action” . A new delivery that goes a little bit out of the usual schemes and that tries to raise a little more interest for his movie.

Angry Birds Action Comes to iOS Before Your Movie Premiere
Angry Birds Action Comes to iOS Before Your Movie Premiere

During the first days it was available, both in the App Store and in the Play Store, its popularity was quite high . It became a requirement to have a smartphone to download the game and see if you could get each screen finished using the least number of launches possible. Those users who put the most effort into it, were the ones who managed to get the coveted three stars.

Despite the great interest raised initially, we have to admit that Rovio has done a pretty good job of staying on the scene with this fantastic saga . Thus, after several updates of the original title, Angry Birds 2 arrived during the last year, showing that there was still room in the hearts and screens of smartphones of each of the fans.

Angry Birds Action takes things to a new dimension. The game follows a similar pattern to the one we’ve seen so far with the slingshot release, but here ends most of the similarities it may have with the previous versions, as could be better compared to a pinball . Our beloved birds have new skills and power-ups with which we will have to throw and release Red and his flock into an obstacle course to rescue the eggs and collect valuable items.

If you are one of the unconditional fans of the saga this title, which will be able to provide hours of fun, can not miss in your collection. Best of all, as usual you can get it for free from the App Store.


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