Angry Birds 2, análisis

They weren’t pioneers when it comes to playing games on mobile phones, in fact there were even established sagas that took the leap even before them (Assassin’s Creed comes to mind when games were advertised in magazine pages and downloaded via SMS), but despite this when you think of the explosion of this industry, that of smartphone games, Angry Birds is the first thing that comes to mind.

With them, a new public was born for the video game sector, that of those who did not approach games and then ended up hooked on the freemium boom by other means. Let’s say that, with their more and less, those of us who play from the phone every day owe something to Rovio , there is something more than simple he cared for his Angry Birds in a relationship that now, with the arrival of Angry Birds 2, is as opposite as it is close.

A sequel that is no such thing

Angry Birds 2, análisis
Angry Birds 2, análisis

Gone is the model of two applications in the AppStore, one free and limited as a demo and the complete one, which could have you hooked on the idea of throwing birds against wooden structures using some mechanics that they had not invented, but they had managed to make their own.

Rovio didn’t invent the mechanics of Angry Birds, but they did make them look like his

Now, with Angry Birds 2 adding up the insane numbers your company is used to (one million downloads in the first 12 hours), the system is close enough that going back to it doesn’t require convoluted tutorials, but it has that touch that the fashion for free with micropayments and advertising as the mainstay for its funding has made almost a must for any company.

It’s hard to believe that this business model has just entered our eyes, mainly because the use (and abuse) of the system has forced us to stand before it with more caution than affection for being able to access more games for less money. The fact that each company has taken enough liberties to make the freemium model completely different from one game to another doesn’t help either, but being a little fan of this kind of proposals, I must admit that Angry Birds 2 suits it specially well.

Angry Birds 2 owes all its ambition to wanting to make money from gems and recharging lives, because otherwise, if we didn’t try to stay hooked as long as possible, the number of levels in this version wouldn’t go beyond the 60 that we were used to in the first editions. The reality, on the other hand, is quite different, reaching 240 and adding, in addition, different sections within each of the levels, even reaching four different structures on the same screen.

Free-to-play, but undisturbed

The five lives that make up the least appreciated part of this system do not manage to overshadow this positive tone, and here credit must be given to the designers of Rovio . The key is in the possibility of overcoming the game from end to end without having to spend a single life .

Let’s say that, unlike other proposals, the five hearts that accompany us during the game do not diminish when we enter each level, only when it is time to restart it because we have not been able to overcome it with the available birds. Only in advanced levels, and I’m talking about the second world onwards, things can go uphill and force us to park the game until the 20 minutes of rigor allow us to return to it.

Angry Birds 2 aims to make a living from updates rather than releasing new sequels

The stubbornness when trying to attack always with the same strategy, the lack of skill or the little luck when trying to destroy the maximum number of obstacles possible to win a new bird based on points, are our great enemies, but not far from it seems to be focused on annoying the player to get stuck or to force to pass through the tent of spells (special powers that will make things a little easier with showers of projectiles or self-immolating pigs).

In the trap of the micropayments will fall the usual ones, the cravings or those especially accustomed to compulsive buying, but the in-game advertising in the form of videos to get one more heart or bird already seems more than enough so that in Rovio they can obtain income from the game without being especially Machiavellian by marking their difficulty.

A good reason to fall back

The renewed graphic aspect , with a cel shading style that makes it more comfortable as the games progress and you forget about the change of the first game, and a sand mode close the round of new features of a title that aims to live from the updates instead of having to resort to new deliveries to avoid the expiration.

I found that last one especially juicy, which, chasing the most hardcore side of the Angry Birds’ scoreboard , proposes us to face an infinite mode in which to add up the maximum number of points possible before we run out of birds because our luck or skill has run out.

Despite the goodness and good taste in the mouth, it is also worth recognizing that the formula has a exhaustion behind it that can make more than one person tiptoe through it. It is not less true that, due to its playing condition freemium , the fact of going back to it when we have a dead time does not bother at all and is tremendously enjoyable, so at this point, as usual, what we have left is a matter of taste. Personally, I have been convinced.

Angry Birds 2

  • Developer: Rovio
  • Language: Spanish
  • Requirements: iOS 7.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • Download it from the App Store

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