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Angela Ahrendts knows what she’s going to do after she leaves Apple

The Apple Store is a very important part of the company based in Cupertino. They serve as a showcase for people to try out their products, even though most leave the store without having bought anything. They are always packed, no matter what day of the week.

As showcases they are, are given special attention . Despite the fact that the locations in which they are situated are very diverse, their interiors are always decorated with the same elements and style, thus achieving an effect of familiarity.

Angela Ahrendts knows what she’s going to do after she leaves Apple
Angela Ahrendts knows what she’s going to do after she leaves Apple

Since 2014, the person in charge of supervising that everything was in order in the Apple Stores was Angela Ahrendts. Since her arrival, she has been concerned with renovating the style of the stores to modernize them . She was a regular in the company’s Keynote, in which she talked about openings, changes and courses that were held in them. However, to her surprise, a few days ago she announced that she was leaving her post at Apple, but she already knows what she is going to do.

Although he has already made the decision to leave Apple official, it won’t be until April that he leaves Apple Park. When that month arrives you will have to leave the premises, and the most logical thing would be to look for a new job. However, it seems that he will leave the job for later and will focus on travelling , at least for a while.

According to Cult of Mac, Angela Ahrendts attended a Ralph Lauren event and told the WWD media that she plans to go to Rwanda and visit two of her children in London during the summer.

With regard to a possible new job, an important position at Ralph Lauren is ringing loudly. He joined the board of directors in 2018, and has experience in the fashion world as he worked at Burberry before switching to Apple.

Ahrendts’ position will be filled by another woman, Deirdre O’Brien , who has worked for Apple for over 30 years as a human resources manager. The job title will also change and the division will now be known as Retail + People. Big changes are coming in the Bite Apple stores.

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