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Android TV will reach more devices and already has 5 thousand apps

Almost every brand of smart TV uses its own operating system. Samsung’s is Tizen, LG’s is WebOS and in Hisense they have Vidaa U. And some like Philips, Sony, Sharp and TCL use a simpler or advanced one depending on the range of the equipment, being in the second case Android TV.

Android TV makes us think irremediably about Google for the mobile system. The TV version is designed to work better on large screens , with an interface that can be easily controlled by a remote control. Apart from TVs, it can also be found in media centers such as Xiaomi’s My Box or Nvidia Shield.

Android TV will reach more devices and already has 5 thousand appsAndroid TV will reach more devices and already has 5 thousand apps

Google has always had Android TV as a side project to which it didn’t give much importance, but this is something they want to change: it will reach many more devices and has more and more apps.

Android TV is slowly gaining market share. As we have said, many manufacturers use it for their televisions. The main problem with its bad reputation is that, although it is regularly updated, the firms do not adapt it to their equipment and it becomes “obsolete” in a short time , and Google wants to avoid it at all costs.

Android TV’s Director of Product Management, Shalini Govil-Pai, spoke to TechHive about their plans for the platform. She assures that in the Play Store there are more than 5 thousand apps designed specifically for him, 2 thousand more than the previous year. The developers have been encouraged to create applications for him because they see more and more users using it, and are talking to services like Hulu and Prime Video to make an app (the latter is only available on the Nvidia Shield).

And if they’re happy with the number of users on Android TV now, there could be many more in the not too distant future. Google has confirmed that new hardware will arrive “in the next few weeks” . They may be referring to a new Nvidia Shield that, apart from being a video game console, is a complete multimedia center. In addition, JBL is expected to launch its new sound bar with this system in early July.