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Android still unable to protect its users from malware like iOS

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Apple, por su lado, sigue manteniendo uno de los sistemas operativos más seguros en este sentido gracias, en gran parte, a su ecosistema cerrado, que lo protege de amenazas como esta, a las que Android se tiene que enfrentar cada día. Un sistema que aún pone en un aprieto a las autoridades cuando estas intentan acceder a la información de los usuarios, o que evita que nuestros datos caigan en las manos equivocadas.

Android still unable to protect its users from malware like iOS
Android still unable to protect its users from malware like iOS

Admittedly, Android has many good things that make it worthwhile to change operating systems. In the end, that’s the good thing about competition, that the rest of the alternatives are usually quite reasonable for all users, so companies must fight to achieve a differentiating factor to attract them to their side. And one of the differentiating factors of iOS, is the security of the devices in which it is installed.

On Android devices, there are several security solutions that provide users with a secure environment in which to carry out their day-to-day communications. However, some of them do not seem to be good enough to be able to protect users effectively, at least according to the German laboratory AV-TEST.

Specifically, there is talk that Google Play Protect, the tool that Google implemented in the latest versions of the Play Store on all supported Android phones to detect malicious applications, would not meet the lab’s protection standards. In fact, it receives 0 out of 6 points, and has a 70.1% threat detection rate, which drops to 49.4% in real time, making it the worst antivirus in the ranking .

Google, on the other hand, continues to argue that Play Protect is the most widespread protection solution in the world, thanks to the number of active Android devices. However, this only reinforces the fact that Play Protect should be among the best , given the level of responsibility it should entail for them. Thus, Android continues to have weak malware protection that leaves it at a clear disadvantage against iOS.

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