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Android or iOS?

In the technological world in which we move there are always companies that stand out more than others, such as Apple and Google, with their mobile operating systems, iOS and Android respectively. In this article we show you some differences between those systems.

This week a friend of mine bought a Samsung Galaxy S II . The truth is that it’s a great phone, with that 4.3 inch screen, its dual-core processor and that extra-slim and super-light design that you can see in the videoreview that our Andro4all colleagues prepared at the time. Before my friend bought that phone, we were talking for a long time about which was better, if the Samsung or the iPhone 4s, if Android or iOS , and I came to a very clear conclusion: both are great in their functions . However, I still prefer iOS, and I’m sure you’ll label me a fanboy, but I’m realistic about what I see around me.

Android or iOS?Android or iOS?

For example. It is true that Android has things that I envy and would like to have them on my iPhone, like the simple fact of being able to connect and disconnect the WIFI or the bluetooth with just a simple gesture (what are you waiting for Apple?) or the home screen that it has, with the Widgets that give you the time and the hour and other details that you want to see at the moment. However, most people with an android end up turning these options off because consumes battery and data , and you have to keep in mind that these things are very important on a phone, whatever brand it is and whatever operating system it works with.

iOS is a functional, simple and easy to use operating system . It doesn’t require any strange or simple configurations, just put the SIM in, tell it a couple of data when you first turn it on and you’re done. Is that right? Yes and no. Yes, if you just want to call and send and receive sms, but for that you share an old-fashioned Nokia that will be enough for you. If you want email, applications, music, video… in short, what we do today with a phone, you have to make quite a few settings, although you have to admit that they are much simpler than with other phones. After all, is a computer system and, as such, it has to be configured.

Another factor against iOS is that it is a very closed system . The world of jailbreak has appeared because we all like to configure our phone as we please. However, this brings many problems, such as the latest news regarding the inclusion of Siri on the iPhone 4 via Cydia. Wanting to open a closed system is what it has, which takes away all the security options that come with it. That doesn’t happen in Android, since nobody controls what goes in and out of your phone. Android Marquet has its “cops” who control what comes into the store, but you can install anything by other means , without harming the integrity of the device by partially modifying the kernel, which is what the Jailbreak does after all. Although that makes Android much less secure than iOS.

And what can we say about the applications? There are very good applications on both devices , on iOS at the Apple Store and on Android at the Marquet. However, how many applications do we need on the mobile? I personally have 72 installed at the moment (and I think they are few), of which I might use 10 or 12 normally. And the rest? I have them “just in case”, like everybody else. Some of them are for showing off with friends, like this one that measures the keystrokes (and works better than I expected), others in case I need them in some occasion, some games… In this aspect we could not choose one or the other, although some will say that iOS has more applications and of better quality, but I say that it will always depend on what you need.

Even after a few days of having the Samsung, my friend and I are still discussing the question from the beginning: Android or iOS? For my part iOS , because that closed system gives me a lot of security regarding my data. Because the synchronization with my computer is very complete, transparent and fast and because the simplicity of use and configuration that iOS has, I have not found it in any other device.

But of course, this is my opinion in this matter… What is yours?

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