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Android Loses Market Share in US to Apple

Apple’s market share is growing in the US, while Android’s is declining

Today we bring you another significant piece of information from that battle for market share between Apple (iOS) and Android that we love so much. While the vast majority of countries in the world are more than dominated by Google’s green robot, Apple still has some territories where it has become strong, retaining a remarkable market share.

The United States is certainly one of those territories. The truth is that a large part of Americans prefer iOS to any other operating system and this is reflected in the powerful presence of the platform in that territory. Of course, Android is still present in a higher percentage, although it seems that it has suffered a slight decrease in the last months.

iOS dominates 40.7% market share in the United States, while Android loses about 1%

Android Loses Market Share in US to Apple
Android Loses Market Share in US to Apple

According to comScore, Apple currently controls over 40% of the smartphone market in the United States, a figure that appears to be growing. On the other side we have Android, a platform that dominates the market with more than 50%, but this last quarter has seen its share drop.

Despite this, one of the main drivers of Google’s operating system, Samsung, continues to grow and improve its data quarter by quarter. The Korean market grew by 1.3 percent during the last fiscal year, while the iOS market grew by 1.5 percent , which does not include sales of the new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c.

Other manufacturers such as HTC or Motorola, which lost 1.3% and 0.9% respectively during the last quarter, cannot say the same. LG, however, did not see its market share rise or fall, but remained at 6.7%.

It appears that Apple will continue to increase its market share in the United States

In terms of platforms, Apple controls 40.7% of smartphones in the United States , Android has gone from having a 52.4% share to 51.6% , Blackberry remains at a distant 4% and other platforms such as Windows Phone and Symbian maintain a derisory 3.2% and 0.3% respectively.

As they point out in Macgasm, Apple’s profits are impressive and even more so if we consider that the data reflected in this market share ends in August and not September. It will be interesting to see next quarter’s results, when sales of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c are recorded within the results.

Do you think Apple’s evolution will continue to be upward?

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