“Android is Like Europe, Many Different Things”

Tim Cook’s thoughts on Android in a recent interview

Apple CEO Tim Cook took advantage of an interview in The Wall Street Journal a couple of days ago to talk about his competitor. Cook compared Android with Europe , claiming that “it’s about many different things under one name”.

Cook does not believe that Android can be compared to Windows, as the former is made up of many different things under one structure and the latter is a uniform platform. These statements came after asking Apple’s CEO whether the mobile device market today can be compared with the computer market , where we remember that Mac computers are still below Windows computers.

“Android is Like Europe, Many Different Things”
“Android is Like Europe, Many Different Things”

Cook said that the study of market between computers and smartphones cannot be compared , largely because one of the historical differences between Windows and Mac has been the lack of availability of applications in OS X, while in iOS they have a strong application developer base.

Cook attacks Android and compares it to Europe

“There was a big difference, in the number of applications that were available for Mac” , said Tim Cook. And over the past few years, the difference has increased considerably because Mac has lost some key applications . However, in iOS, Apple has more than a million applications, half of them optimized for the iPad. On Android, by contrast, it says there are only 1,000 applications optimized for its tablets. According to Cook, this is the main reason “why the green robot’s tablet experience is so bad” .

In addition, as indicated in MacRumors, Cook also pointed out that have repurchased 14 billion shares , in the last two weeks and that the company is fully prepared to do big business and acquire some companies to further improve the technology of their devices.

Finally, he reiterated that Apple is working on “some really big things” , something that Cook announces whenever he can. Will he refer to the new screens of the next iPhone 6? or maybe a possible bigger iPad?

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