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Android dead from rage because Fortnite only ravages on iPhone

Si has hecho Jailbreak a tu iPhone, ¡adiós al nuevo Fortnite!

Por el momento Fortnite, al que ya os hemos enseñado a jugar con esta serie de interesantes consejos, es un auténtico fenómeno de masas, además de una máquina de dinero que de momento, aunque se ha relajado un tanto en los últimos días continua imparable. Con los usuarios de Android muriéndose de ganas de poder probar y disfrutar del juego, los que tenemos un dispositivo de Apple solo nos queda seguir disfrutando, aunque de momento sin poder usar el apreciado misil guiado.

Android dead from rage because Fortnite only ravages on iPhone
Android dead from rage because Fortnite only ravages on iPhone

¿Crees que Fornite conseguirá mantener su éxito con el paso de los meses o que este comenzará deshincharse como ya ha pasado con otros juegos de este tipo?

Fortnite arrived on the App Store a few weeks ago, and has since become one of the most popular games on the market, and also one of the most revenue-generating apps. Only during its first month of life, it managed to collect a total of 25 million dollars , taking into account that it is only available for iOS devices, which means.

So far in April, revenues have reached 9.5 million dollars or what is the same that exceeds Tinder in revenues, and doubles the popular Candy Crush . To all this we must also add that it is not available, at least for the moment in Google Play, creating tremendous envy among the millions of Android users who see a new game, of enormous quality, and that becomes one of the essential only available for iOS.

However, the good news or at least it may seem so, is that according to the announcement of Epic Games the game will end up at the official Google App Store , although on a date yet to be determined.

Some rumors speak of summer as a more than likely date for the launch, and even point out that if the launch of the game for Android ends up taking place in a short time, the revenue could reach 500 million dollars , a real record figure that would mark a before and after in the world of mobile games.

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