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Andrew Kim becomes part of Apple’s design team

Minimally Minimal

In 2012 Andrew Kim published a concept for redesigning the entire Microsoft brand. An experiment that took him three days, an experiment that made him jump to fame. Over the past six years, Andrew Kim has made a name for himself in the world of design, and his latest big step was his landing in Apple Park . The next iPhone, iPad or Mac (perhaps) will carry part of his vision of the world and how we interact with objects.

Andrew Kim becomes part of Apple’s design team
Andrew Kim becomes part of Apple’s design team

As he has announced himself and we can see in his LinkedIn profile, from this month he starts to be part of the Apple design team . Getting here has certainly not been easy, for that he has been part of the Microsoft design team before and the Tesla design team more recently. He has also had some collaborations with Google in the past or as an intern for the design company frog. You don’t know frog? A design company very related to technology and even to Apple, as we already have.

Interior of the Tesla Model 3, part of this design is the direct responsibility of Andrew Kim.

Defining Andrew Kim’s style is not easy, just as it is not easy to define the style of any designer, as there are usually various influences and also adjustments to suit each project and need. However, if there are two words that come to mind most when looking at his products, they are ‘simplicity’ and ‘industrial’ . It is not in vain that his website is called ‘Minimally Minimal’, not in vain he has worked on the creation of several Tesla models.

Perhaps his most representative product in his time at Microsoft is the Xbox One S , an incredibly well designed video console with a very differential form factor. He has also participated in the creation of the Microsoft HoloLens or in Windows 10 itself. As for Tesla, he was directly responsible for the design of Tesla Model 3 and its interior, among others.

iPad Pro, a product that could perfectly well have been designed by Andrew Kim.

What changes can we expect in Apple products from now on? None. None because neither Andrew Kim is taking over the entire Apple design team nor his influence on Apple’s design will be reflected for some time to come. Most likely, we will see how improve some trends that Apple has already adapted in its products . Just look at this year’s iPad Pro, that design with flat sides and eliminating unnecessary details makes the iPad Pro a product that Andrew Kim could have perfectly designed.

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