And what’s this about Snow Leopard?

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Something that has gone very unnoticed in the Keynote is the mention by Steve Jobs of the next version of Mac OS X , which he has named Snow Leopard .

The fact that he simply dropped it like this, saying that more details about the above-mentioned man would be revealed after lunchtime (they haven’t eaten there yet), seemed tremendously strange to me. I bet that, since the Keynote lasted so long, they simply didn’t have time to work out details about Mac OS X version 10.6 , postponing it to a little later.

And what’s this about Snow Leopard?
And what’s this about Snow Leopard?

Another thing that intrigues me is, why the name Snow Leopard? Apple has always made use of cats, and the fact that the next OS X will only be distinguished by the word ‘Snow’, indicates in my opinion that we have to expect something different from a new operating system. Anyway, maybe tomorrow we will have more details about the subject. The WWDC has only just begun…


Apple has just released a press release with important information about Snow Leopard. This is the 10.6 release of Leopard, optimized for working with multi-core processors, and it enters the world of graphics processors or GPUs and will introduce Quicktime X, which greatly improves playback of modern video formats. It will also include support for Microsoft Ecxchange 2007.

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