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And these are the impressive figures for Pokémon GO

It may be because of the implementation of augmented reality in a definitive way, it may be because of the realism it offers, it may be because of the simple fact that it is the first generation that is available -the one we grew up with all the generation of the 90-, perhaps because of the nostalgia it arouses. Perhaps even all these premises are valid, the case is that Pokémon GO is possibly the game that has awakened more interest around the world , ahead of the Angry Birds, Candy Crush and company.

Several teams have been in charge of searching, contrasting and discovering the figures of this overwhelming game to see where their roof is. In the light of these figures, seems very high .


And these are the impressive figures for Pokémon GOAnd these are the impressive figures for Pokémon GO

Within days of the appearance of Pokémon GO in the various stores of our devices, the company that created these fantastic creatures, Nintendo, raised its stock price by more than 100% according to Bloomberg . That is to say, if we translate it into money, last July 6th Nintendo was worth about 19 billion dollars and by the 18th of the same month, the price of this company was close to 40 billion dollars.

As far as the economic aspect is concerned, Nintendo’s figures together with Niantic -Google’s subsidiary in charge of the game’s development-, are overwhelming .


We all know the famous Candy Crush game. Launched in 2013, it peaked in popularity at 20 million active users .

According to Survey Monkey , just a few days after its release, Pokémon GO reached over 25 million active users .

The thing does not stop there, and is that according to the data of the same Survey Monkey , has dethroned the social network Twitter in daily active users . That’s nothing.


If we’re talking about downloads, the result is just as impressive. As of July 16th, it has already surpassed Twitter in downloads -which has been in the App Store and Play Store-, and it remains to be seen if it has not already overtaken Snapchat -the fashionable social network that not long ago overtook the company of the bird Larry- in the ranking.

Attention to application

This category refers to those essential applications that we consult from time to time -WhatsApp, Twitter, Snapchat, Line or Facebook-.

Of all those mentioned, Facebook – with 22 minutes and 8 seconds on average – is the application we spend the most time on . Until the appearance of Pokémon GO.

According to the website specialized in mobile games Sensor Tower , Pokémon GO keeps us connected for 33 minutes and 25 seconds on average , by far the most.

Social Networks

Last but not least is the impact on social networks, with Twitter being the most influential when it comes to reflecting a news story.

According to Spredfast, Pokémon GO has been the subject of more tweets worldwide in its first week than Brexit in the week of the referendum or last Euro in its first week. It reached 15.3 million tweets during those 7 days .

Having seen such results, it is not surprising that the company is now starting to look at new horizons based on the two keys that have made Pokémon GO a success: augmented reality and a classic game . It is rumored that by fall we will see a new game that follows these patterns. No wonder it’s a version of Super Mario Bros. or Zelda. Time will tell.