and at Kairosoft they got into football

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After the port of ‘Grand Prix Story’, a game that was originally only released for Android but finally made it to iOS as well, Kairosoft opened the door to apply its formula to sports games. And the next step after the hilarious car strategy is football: A few days ago, ‘Pocket League Story’ was released.

Those of you who have tried the various Kairosoft titles, which we at Apple have already commented on for some time, already know what awaits you: addictive strategy for all audiences , which mixes humour with 8-bit spirit, and with a much greater depth than it first seems.

and at Kairosoft they got into football
and at Kairosoft they got into football

In the case of ‘Pocket League Story’, the aim is to guide a football team to the top category and there, to victory in all competitions. It is a ‘Football Manager’ but made by the people who got us hooked on ‘Game Dev Story’ and with that same spirit. Compared to other Kairosoft games, the learning curve is much more balanced, the multiple options do not overwhelm from the beginning, but are added little by little, and we see how each time they incorporate options to give more depth to their proposal.

Kairosoft has found a formula and is squeezing it to the max: it’s the same graphics, the same controls, the same concept and identical development. And yet it still works: ‘Pocket League Story’ can be among his three best games , with those funny and sometimes frustrating matches and with the options they add to get very close to a conventional football simulator (types of players, formations, strategy changes).

The formula will probably run out at some point , but for the moment it is still fresh. Highly recommended.


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