Analyzing the Smallest and Subtlest Changes in iOS 7

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Many were the new features that Apple presented along with its new iOS 7, features such as the new interface, the redesign of all its applications, the Center Control or the new multitasking have already been analyzed over these days. However, Apple also introduced a lot of small innovations that were not mentioned, but that make a big difference when using the new operating system.

Analyzing the Smallest and Subtlest Changes in iOS 7
Analyzing the Smallest and Subtlest Changes in iOS 7

Below, we show you a compilation of all those little features, we are sure that you will discover some that will be very interesting for you.

General changes

  • Spotlight search is no longer located on a page on the far left of the Springboard, but is accessible from any home screen by scrolling down.
  • The blue arrow that was used to show more options in iOS 6 has now been replaced by a blue “i” within a circle.
  • The buttons for tweeting and posting on Facebook have been removed from the notification center.
  • The movies and TV shows you buy from iTunes will appear in the Video application, although streaming is not allowed, so you will have to download them.
  • There is a new animation for the “pull-to-refresh”, more similar to the traditional Apple load animation.
  • The scrollbars are thinner than in iOS 6 and lighter in color.
  • The magnifying glass that appears when you leave your finger on a text has been simplified by removing the border and the gloss.
  • Game Center will notify you if it’s your turn in the game.
  • The Apple logo that appears when the iPhone or iPad is turned on now becomes completely flat, like on the stickers.


  • The mobile network settings have been moved from the “General” section. They are now listed after the Bluetooth settings.
  • Now you can control which applications can use the mobile network to download data.
  • The Do Not Disturb feature has a new option to mute your notifications and calls when your device is unlocked.
  • In the privacy settings, you can now control which applications have access to the microphone.
  • You can now block mobile phones in the “Phone” section.


  • The new Safari includes a mode for private browsing, so you don’t have to constantly clear your history.
  • iCloud labels are now available by scrolling to the bottom of the tabs.


  • The first three messages of a conversation will now be marked in different colors.
  • It has a button to mark all messages as read or unread.
  • There are new mailboxes for mail messages with attachments.


  • The “edit” button has been replaced with the “contact” button. However, we can access the editing of the message by holding down our finger and selecting the “more” option.
  • The new “contact” button allows you to call the person or make a FaceTime video call.
  • The messages sent have a blue gradient tone.


  • Now people who subscribe to your Photo Stream will be able to add their own images, instead of just the creator as before.
  • Sharing a photo gallery is now done through the iCloud icon.


  • You can create a note by being in any other note.
  • The buttons to go forward or backward have disappeared.
  • The first line of the note no longer appears in the top bar.


  • The navigation between the lists works as a Passbook, all are shown stacked on top of each other.
  • You can change the color of the titles in the lists.

And so far some of the more significant small changes that were tiptoed during the keynote and that have been compiled by the guys at Gigaom.

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