Analyst estimates that the “iPhone 9” will sell for about $475

It seems that 2020 will be the year in which Apple will launch a new “economic” terminal. After the success of the iPhone SE in 2016, Cupertino’s will launch a new smartphone four years later with a more adjusted quality-price ratio , which will be the entry model to the company’s smartphones.

According to some rumors, this device would be named “iPhone 9″, a similar design to the iPhone 8, 4.7” screen, and Apple A13 Bionic processor, as well as a single 12 MP rear camera. It is believed to go into production next February, going on sale in March , and Cohen’s analysts think it will cost approximately $475.

Analyst estimates that the “iPhone 9” will sell for about $475
Analyst estimates that the “iPhone 9” will sell for about $475

AppleInsider has had access to a note for investors from the analyst Krish Sankar of Cohen, in which it is estimated that Apple would have produced 70 million iPhones during the holiday period , and that of this amount 74% would be iPhone 11 and 11 Pro (around 52 million).

By the first quarter of 2020, Cohen estimates that Apple will manufacture some 46 million different iPhone models , a 12% increase year on year. Of those 46 million, six million iPhones are expected to be “iPhone 9”, with each unit priced at around $475. The cost of the iPhone SE has been taken as a reference.

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It is possible that when Apple announces the “iPhone 9” or “iPhone SE 2” there will be a readjustment in the brand’s catalogue, not only because a new model is added, but also because the iPhone 8 , which is the cheapest terminal the company offers today, could disappear. It wouldn’t make any sense to keep it if a cheaper and better performing one appeared.

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