Analyst believes Apple will launch an “iPen” for the iPhone

Again, speculations about the release of a ” iPen ” for the upcoming 6.5″ iPhone are ringing with some weight. Although of course, this is only a rumor, so you can’t try to be truthful.

The answer to this bet would be oriented to the ” phablets ” market (intermediate devices between a smartphone and a tablet), where Samsung is dominating with its Galaxy Note 8.

Analyst believes Apple will launch an “iPen” for the iPhone
Analyst believes Apple will launch an “iPen” for the iPhone

No, it doesn’t seem that the Apple Pencil can be compatible with the future big screen iPhone. Moreover, it would not be comfortable at all. There is talk about a new pencil that is being called “iPen”. Much lighter so that it can be used in a more comfortable way on this type of screen.

This new pen would not fit inside the iPhone , nor would it be included in the iPhone’s box, as Samsung does. It would come as an optional accessory, so you’d have to pass the box to get it.

Yes, the truth is that this prediction is quite shocking, especially since Apple has always been reluctant to use this type of accessory. Steve Jobs himself explained that nobody wanted a stylus because we had five fingers. But the tables are turning, as they did with the iPad and the Apple Pencil .

The Notes application has been greatly improved, where thanks to iOS 11 on the iPad , it offers us to quickly note down any data, simply by pressing the screen with the Apple Pencil. This is also offered by Samsung, but in its terminal, so the idea would be something similar.

Perhaps, the idea of an ” iPen “, although it does not seem to have solvency, could be a reality this year, at least, so believes the analyst Rosenblatt Jun Zhang, where he also bets on a iPhone with a double SIM .

What do you think about the idea of using an “iPen” on the iPhone? Would it make sense if we can’t save it inside the iPhone?

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