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Analysis of the new Apple keyboard

One of the least updated things over the years has been the Apple keyboard . Finally, after revamping iMac with a new generation, Apple introduced the new Apple keyboard , which looks amazing.

The first time we saw it was not officially, but thanks to some stolen photos published by Engadget a few weeks ago. The look then didn’t seem very “real” to us, maybe they were used to the fakes that usually appear.

Analysis of the new Apple keyboard
Analysis of the new Apple keyboard

However, the look of the keyboard once you have it in front of you, … like almost all Apple products. The first thing that catches your eye is the extreme thinness of the new version, which will start more than a ” oohhh! ” to anyone who has never seen it.

The design, so unlike any other keyboard on the market today, makes you immediately want to play it. At first we can appreciate several wrong sensations

Is it fragile being so thin? Not at all, the one piece body of augmentation embedded in the usual white plastic for the back, makes it very very robust , and that is noticeable once you start using it.

Is it uncomfortable to type on it? Basically the keyboard is that of a MacBook, with an aluminium base. If you’ve ever used one, the feel is pretty similar, although the aluminium seems to give it a more stable area to stand on.

After a week of trying it out every day, I have to tell you that one soon gets used to the new feel and adopts a fast and precise typing, just like on our favourite keyboard of all times.

One of the advantages of the new keyboard is the ease of cleaning it . If you’ve had one of the previous ones, you’ll know what I’m talking about. It was very nice but the transparent plastic and so much nook and cranny between the keys made the dirt look bad on the keyboard if we didn’t clean it often. And that, if you have the mania as I do of having the keyboard always clean , can become an obsession.

With the new one, this doesn’t happen. The aluminium and the low key height make it very easy to clean. I recommend one of those ecological rags that are usually sold in large stores, simply moistened with water and the keyboard will be perfect after use.

He does, yes. The most serious are the driver problems you have with the operating system in languages other than English. Despite the recent software update, things have not been fixed, such as the “Keyboard Shortcuts” section within System Preferences not doing anything:

This affects the new multi-function keys , although fortunately the main keys do work: volume, brightness ( in the case of laptops )… as for the Dashboard and Exposé keys, we will have to configure them within the options of those features within System Preferences.

Another problem that has been documented recently is the incompatibility of its USB 2.0 ports with some devices, such as some Kingston USB sticks. By chance of life, I have one of those, and it’s true that it doesn’t work:

Apparently, it lacks power to operate. The same thing happens when we try to connect an EyeTV, a DTV tuner via USB…

As for iPods, shuffles work perfectly: They charge and sync:

… But 5G iPods only charge : a warning warns us that the device needs a more powerful USB port to work. In other words, it is not mounted as a unit, but we can recharge its battery.

However, a 160GB Lacie mobile hard drive, without the need to connect it to an external power supply and works absolutely without any problems:

All this leads me to think that the problems with the devices refer to some hardware incompatibility or could even be solved via software in subsequent software updates, even though some that do require more power may never work.

Obviously the choice of keyboard is a matter of taste , it’s what we use most in a computer and it inflicts a lot of our preferences. Personally, I like the keyboard more and more every day and I find it comfortable, both to use and to clean.

And it looks really nice near a MacBook Pro that’s also made of aluminium, so you can use it when you have your laptop at home without warming up your hand in the summertime with the heat from your laptop and type more comfortably.

If you are thinking of buying one of these to replace your old keyboard, my recommendation is that you try it out first in a shop by typing some short text to make sure you like it.

However, removing the apple from the keyboard is unforgivable !

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