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Analysis iPhone 5c, the co-pilot of this generation

When rumors began about a new iPhone model that the media called “cheap”, there was something that didn’t convince me. For the technology world in general, and Apple’s competition in particular, “cheap” means reducing costs while reducing the user experience of the products. At that very moment I knew that we would never see such an iPhone .

We talked about it at Apple earlier this year: What if it wasn’t a cheap iPhone? In that post, I told you my opinion about the opportunity for Apple to create a differentiated range of the “top of the range” iPhone, which would not be based on price, but would maintain features but would target a different audience . And in September came the iPhone 5c that I am talking about right now.

Analysis iPhone 5c, the co-pilot of this generation
Analysis iPhone 5c, the co-pilot of this generation

For the first time, Apple is presenting a product with a fully targeted intention to position the same product in different segments within a category. The appearance of the iPhone 5s, loaded with new features and technical improvements, and the iPhone 5c is no coincidence, and is a move by the company that wants to have a presence not only at the top of its range , but also an alternative model for those who prefer it. And that both are novelties at the time of the launch.

iPhone 5c, content

When we first see the iPhone 5c case, it will immediately remind us of the iPod touch case (2012). They are practically the same, with the difference that the 5c’s is more rounded, imitating in some way the design of the new case. The content is identical to that of the iPhone 5s , i.e. lightning cable, 5W USB adapter and EarPods, with their corresponding carrying case ( the iPod touch did not have it, it was simply protected by a cork ).

As in the 5s, the printed instructions are limited to a small reference of each button and the rest of the indications are left to the operating system to tune the mobile. At this point we will have iOS 7 working in the same way as in 5s, except of course for the Touch ID identification.

This is the new iPhone 5c

The design of the iPhone 5c is characterized by a colorful plastic case , which breaks with the traditional design of recent years, but which is not the first that Apple uses . It is curious how the media emphasize the fact that Apple “disowned” plastic, when the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS were built that way.

This is not the first time Apple has used plastic cases, they have already used them on the iPhone 3G and 3GS

In fact, especially when looking at the white iPhone 5c, it brings to mind that model ( and old ), evolved with the touch of modernity printed by the concept of the iPhone 5. In fact, the feature that even Apple stands out the most is the note of color with the new phone. ” We ended up rethinking plastic “, they say on the official website.

The touch of the material is soft, shiny, it clearly highlights any of the five colors in which it is available, and its construction, beyond the advantages and disadvantages of plastic, is impeccable. Apple has used a steel frame to embed the iPhone’s hardware in its construction and uses that same frame as an antenna, and then laser-welded both together. The result is a very robust product, compact in the hand, and the buttons ( of the same color as the rest of the body ) are very comfortable to use as they are very well attached to the case.

The physical differences with the iPhone 5s are obvious but everything is still in place

If we compare it with the new iPhone 5s, we’ll see that the 5c is a few millimeters thicker, and it has a weight of 132g against the 112g of the iPhone 5s. In the hand, really the difference in weight is negligible , and the size is hardly more different than by the rounded shape of the new terminal.

If you look at the bottom holes, the ones for the microphone ( next to the headset ) are not as many as the ones for the external speaker, or the ones on the iPhone 5s. However, this does not affect the quality of the conversations or the recording of voice memos.

Putting both iPhones on top of each other, we’ll see how the plastic case is remarkable on the iPhone 5s , and the thickness a few millimeters thicker. Otherwise, the connectors, sensors and other buttons are in exactly the same position and work in exactly the same way. Many users compare this iPhone 5c as “an iPhone 5 in a case”, and the feeling is exactly that.

iPhone 5c, technical features

Which are the same as an iPhone 5 . That is, the interior of the device and its features are the same as those of an iPhone 5. The only difference is the improvement in the FaceTime camera which is now 1.2 megapixels ( 1280 x 960 ), and has an improved sensor for low light conditions. The rear camera is identical to the one on iPhone 5.

The iPhone 5c is almost technically identical to the iPhone 5

Therefore, to take a look at the capabilities of this iPhone 5c, I refer you to my analysis of the iPhone 5, since everything we discussed at that time is still perfectly valid in the current model, battery included. And it’s not exactly mediocre hardware, and it has taken on new life with the arrival of iOS 7 a few months ago.

However, and put in order, Apple could have considered including in a model like this at least a processor similar to the M7, perfect for the new applications of fitness and personal quantification that so much in line with the target audience of the new model seems to be. However, the M7 is part of an architecture based on the A7, and doing something similar to an M6 would require an extra investment that the iPhone 5c does not need.

The new case for the iPhone 5c

The accessory that Apple proposes to accompany the iPhone 5c is an original perforated case in its back part ( to combine with the colours of the case ), made of silicone very pleasant to the touch but also a real magnet for all kinds of dust ( as any silicone case ).

The interior has a very soft microfiber lining to avoid scratches, perfectly perforated and that fits the new iPhone 5c perfectly . The construction quality of the case is evident, and it fits like a glove with the phone, but Apple should have thought a little more about that horrible and famous “non” that shows through the holes.

We are talking about a company of details, and we users don’t let any of them slip through our fingers either. Some alternative solution could have been sought, I would even have proposed removing or otherwise placing the word “iPhone” so that it would not remain that way. In any case, if you like the silicone cases, the colour combinations are very striking and playful, with very good construction quality.

Why an iPhone 5c?

At this point, many of us have wondered why the release as this iPhone 5c, direct heir to the iPhone 5 and with few novelties but a color bath and another approach. The reason for this we have to look for it on several fronts. In my opinion, an important part is to have a “simple” model to build to make available to operators .

If you have read the reviews of our American colleagues, there they all talk about the “$99 iPhone”, which is how this iPhone is offered under a two-year contract with the telecoms there. This agreement cannot always be taken out of the country, so we see that the iPhone 5c is still an iPhone ( and expensive ).

The iPhone 5c is presented as a new life for the iPhone 5, reconverted for a different public and easier to make for operators

However, in my opinion Apple thinks a lot about the future, and having a powerful model, revitalized and launched at the same time that you present your top of the range, can give a strong boost to sales and in the long term, lower costs that allow signing new agreements with operators . Not only the American ones, but also those from around the world.

In addition, having a model oriented not so much to the premium market was something that was previously only present in the second-hand market . But the second-hand market does not appear because of the Apple Stores, and now the company can play the trick of selling its leading terminal and the renewal of the previous one ( with or without a contract ) at a price that is perhaps more and more juicy.

Is this a marketing exercise? Of course it is. But we can’t forget that is still a fantastic terminal , with solvent features and a lot of life ahead, presented to attract new iPhone users ( more than old ones ) combined with the ecosystem of accessories and the App Store. It’s not revolutionary, but it’s still attractive and will become even more so. This is Apple’s bet on the future for the next generations ( which will come in pairs ).

iPhone 5c, conclusions

The newest member of the iPhone family is essentially an iPhone 5 with a glossy plastic case and new colours , which has been slightly improved technically but is still perfectly valid technically . The new cases and possible combinations make it a fun and powerful iPhone for anyone who doesn’t want to opt for the premium iPhone 5s model.

In favour

  • New aesthetic with attractive colours
  • iPhone 5 hardware is still powerful
  • Autonomy


  • There is a lack of new technical developments
  • The plastic housing should be thinner
  • We still don’t like the holes in the cover

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