analysis, characteristics, price and opinion

There’s life beyond AirPods in the world of wireless headphones. Models that can offer more extra features such as an over the ear format, a much longer range or noise cancellation for example. This is the case of the Fresh’n Rebel Clam ANC .

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analysis, characteristics, price and opinion
analysis, characteristics, price and opinion

These last few days I’ve been messing around with Fresh’n Rebel’s Clam ANC wireless headphones. These are headset headphones that promise among other things up to 35 hours of autonomy or the possibility to cancel in real time the external noise to improve the sound. The latter is not their strong point, although they have other interesting details. Let’s see.

Design of the Fresh’n Rebel Clam ANC headset

The first thing I would like to highlight about the Fresh’n Rebel Clam ANC is its design. The form factor that makes them up and how we physically interact with them. These are some outstanding features:

  • They have a plastic coating on most surfaces. Also some skin (natural or artificial, not specified) for the ear contact area and a fabric pad on the inside of the headband.
  • Speaking of the headband, it is possible to adjust it to fit the size of each user’s head. It also allows you to move the speakers themselves by 90 degrees to pack the headphones so that they take up less space when carrying them.
  • As far as buttons are concerned, there is a playpause button next to the volume buttons on one of the speakers. On the other one we find the noise cancellation switch. The same happens with the jack and the microUSB charge connector, one in each speaker.
  • They are available in four different colours: Ice Grey, Dusty Pink, Petrol Blue and Storm Grey.

On a day-to-day basis, they are comfortable , even after a few hours of prolonged use. Perhaps it’s the large speaker pads, or the fact that they are made of plastic and barely weigh (260 grams).

Sound and features of Fresh’n Rebel Clam ANC headphones

In these Fresh’n Rebel Clam ANCs, the audio quality is partly provided by Qualcomm with its Qualcomm aptX high-quality audio system. This enables improved connectivity and Bluetooth audio transmission between mobile devices and the headset itself. The other part depends on the engineering and quality of the hardware of the headset itself. The end result? The sound is more than acceptable, it helps a lot the isolation of the cushion and the bass that the headphones get. Unfortunately some definition is missing in the mid tones.

Fresh’n Rebel

Los auriculares han sido cedidos para la prueba por parte de Fresh’n Rebel. Puedes consultar nuestra política de relaciones con empresas.

The aspect that didn’t convince me is the noise cancellation. It is the main feature of these headphones and its own name indicates it. The active noise cancellation eliminates external noise that can be annoying, so that the sound emitted by the headphones is clearer. It does this by picking up the sound from outside with a microphone and emitting “contrary” waves to neutralize them. The problem is that it does not block out these external noises completely, it manages to do so with the lower ones but the higher ones can still be heard, so much so that sometimes you are not even sure whether the ANC system is active or not. Enabling ANC makes some difference, but only minimal.

These are wireless headphones, although they do have a jack if you want to connect them by cable. In total they promise 35 hours of wireless playback which is reduced to 30 hours if noise cancellation is activated. The other cable we can connect is the microUSB cable to charge them. I would have liked that it was a cable USB-C, in an environment where every time is more common to see it and to have this type of chargers by house already is something normal.

One aspect that I miss is having a separate app for the headphones. What for? To have possible firmware updates for the headphones for example. Or for something more essential like an equalizer to set up the headphones with, since in iOS for example you can’t set up the equalizer independently and for the whole system in the headphones.

Price and availability of Fresh’n Rebel Clam ANC headphones

Fresh’n Rebel Clam ANC earphones are available for a final price of 149 euros . There is more information about them on their website, although to purchase them you will have to do so from one of the distributors who offer them in Spain. We have for example Vodafone, El Corte Ingles or Worten.

Is the Fresh’n Rebel Clam ANC headset worth 149 euros? There is a very good autonomy in them if you are looking for wireless headphones. They also offer a more than decent sound quality for those who are not very audiophile. And finally, regardless of how your noise cancelling works, having this feature makes a product quite expensive. If that’s what you need in your headphones, perhaps the Fresh’n Rebel Clam ANC is a good option for you.

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