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Analyses: Sennheiser PMX100 Earphones


Although the specialists in gadgets are the guys from Xataka, it never hurts to highlight some ” cacharrito ” for our Macs or iPods.

Analyses: Sennheiser PMX100 Earphones
Analyses: Sennheiser PMX100 Earphones

I’m sure that after these days, a lot of lucky people will have a brand new iPod in their hands. Although for the vast majority of mortals the helmets included are more than acceptable , today I wanted to recommend some helmets to take full advantage of the quality offered by Apple mp3.

I have to admit that I’m a fan of earphones, I find them very comfortable and very disguised, but after going through some Creative, Sennheiser and two Apple in-ear , all of them in-ear, I think it was time for a change.

The problem is that the next step after these three brands, are helmets over 100 euros, such as a Shure or JVC high-end. But honestly and after a few tests I think it’s a bit expensive for the final quality, so at least in my case I don’t think it’s very useful to spend more than 100 euros in some helmets that are not radically better.

So What to buy? Well, my choice and one that I’m quite happy with at the moment is headset, those so forgotten lately, but that are coming back reborn, with new designs and ready to eat the world.

The model I want to talk about is the Sennheiser PMX100 , model of neckband , something more “aesthetic” than the typical headband. This one in particular is l a medium range of the PMX series and can be found for about 40 Euro in many shops.

For those who like numbers, say that it has a frequency response somewhat higher than normal, i.e. 15 – 27,000 Hz and although it is not very noticeable, many songs gain some hitherto unknown nuances. Finally comment that it has an impedance of 32 ohm.

The quality of the headphones is typical of a brand like Sennheiser and besides offering a clean and clear sound, they have a really good quality and finish, although I have to admit that the final design, at least in this model, is something peculiar and not suitable for all audiences.

I’m clear about it, I don’t go back to the earphones, you can look at me as bad as you want on the street, what is clear is that for much less than the cost of a high quality earphone you can find a headset with an amazing quality , which is what matters most from a good headset.

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