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An ordinary day with my iPhone: Cristian Rus

The iPhone is probably the element that we spend the most time with in our hands throughout the day. After more than five years among us, it has been able to change our life habits, and that everything we do revolves around it, which is the center of all our social interactions. Paying a little tribute to him, we have thought of making a special in which all of us who write Applesupportphonenumber who own an iPhone will narrate our day-to-day life with him.

Last week we started a special in Applesupportphonenumber in which we told you about our own terminals with great enthusiasm. Week after week, each one of our editors, owner of an iPhone, will be here to tell you how is an ordinary day with his iPhone, this Wednesday has been my turn.

An ordinary day with my iPhone: Cristian Rus
An ordinary day with my iPhone: Cristian Rus

We will discuss aspects such as the applications we use, the usage our iPhone has mainly, the battery life , or the limitations or advantages we encounter by owning an iPhone.

It seems incredible, but the smartphone from Apple has been the only one capable of marking a new path and radically changing the lives of many of us , who for some years now have revolved around the mobile phone we carry in our pockets. Although there are still some stragglers who continue to use their old mobile phones, which are only used to call and send SMS, for colourful tastes.

10:00 AM, wake up call

Don’t get me wrong about the time I wake up, the problem is that I go to bed very – I insist, very – late. As I say, at 10:00 I wake up with the music of the radio in the background. Thanks to TuneIn Pro , an iOS radio application, I can set a radio station as an alarm tone.

The first thing before getting out of bed is to stop the alarm and check everything I have received throughout the night . Both messages through WhatsApp, notifications on Facebook and a couple of instant messaging applications such as IMO or Yahoo Messenger. Once I’ve got rid of all the notifications and balloons on the Springboard of my iPhone it’s time to get out of bed, get ready for college and eat breakfast.

While I eat breakfast I put aside the iPhone and take the iPad to check all the pending mail as it is much easier for me to do it from the iPad than from the iPhone, although for urgent occasions I use the iPhone for the mail. It’s worth mentioning that I wake up with 100% battery power since I leave it charging while I sleep.

On the way to college, college classes and back home

At about eleven o’clock in the morning I get ready to go to class, usually by bus, and as the trip is very short it doesn’t give me much time to do anything so at most I talk through WhatsApp or other instant messengers. For anyone who wonders why I haven’t mentioned anything about Twitter so far, easy, I have it abandoned – more or less – for a while. However for Twitter I use the Tweetbot application which I consider much better than the official application.

When I get to class -two hours of practice- I put my iPhone aside and take my iPad back . I have Wi-Fi for the iPad all over campus so I have a constant internet connection. For me the iPad has become the most important academic tool, it holds all my notes and books and I can also do other tasks, such as writing a post or two – I’m writing this one in class, for example.

Back home, just like when I go, I use instant messaging applications to communicate with my colleagues and friends. At this time of day -almost 2:00 p.m.- my battery is quite low, more or less 50%.

During the afternoon

While I prepare the food and during the meal I have the iPad close to me, either to listen to music or to read everything that has been published in the blogs that I follow. I usually save the news I’m interested in for later reading. For this I use the Reeder application which for me is without a doubt the best RSS reader available for iOS today. If I know I’m going to leave the house I put the iPhone to load and it lasts for the rest of the afternoon, but if I don’t go out I leave it as it is.

In the evening, if I’m at home I usually leave my iPhone aside and use my iMac to do the work I have to do. But if I’m out of the house, I always have my iPhone on hand to check my mail -very much- or my instant messaging messages. I insist a lot on instant messaging, but nowadays it is necessary for me to be connected to the GTalk to connect with the Applesupportphonenumber team or to the Yahoo! Messenger to communicate with my family or friends.


This is where the good stuff starts, at night there are three options. Either I’m in the iMac working – this happens fortunately rarely, only when I have a lot of work – or I’m in bed with the iPad – watching movies and series or reading news – or I’m very tired and I simply stay with the iPhone and check my mail, news and messages in social networks for the last time .

Before I go to sleep I put the iPhone to charge, if I have less than 50% of battery, if not I do not put it to charge. I set the alarm on the iPad and the day ends – usually at about 3am.


I admit that I don’t use the iPhone as much as I do the possibilities it can offer and it is quite clear in the post, I basically use it for instant messaging and consulting urgent things . But until a couple of months ago this didn’t happen, as I didn’t have the iPad and therefore the iPhone was the most comfortable way to do the tasks. But since I have the iPad most of the functions I used to do on the iPhone I have moved them to the iPad.

An iPhone’s battery can be very good, until you activate the 3G. The 3G data network sincerely overwhelms my iPhone’s battery , although it’s a bit understandable, since I’ve been using the iPhone for more than two years, since the launch of iPhone 4 and whether we like it or not, the batteries are running out. However, I don’t worry too much, since I don’t usually hurry and I’m always quite overflowing with batteries.

As you can see, the iPhone I own is quite indispensable. I think that if I didn’t have it I would find myself quite disconnected and lost making my day to day life much more difficult. There are two reasons why I use an iPhone instead of any other phone. The first is that it is in the same ecosystem as the iMac and the iPad, making syncing much easier. The second one is the same as my partner Diego’s, because of the hardware , the quality of this is irreproachable and the way it is built gives it a feeling of robustness and professionalism that no other mobile offers me today.

That’s all from me, we’ll be waiting for you next week with the day-to-day work of another Applesupportphonenumber editor and his iPhone. And for you, is your iPhone indispensable?

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