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An iPhone 5 inside the 5S case, challenge not met

As we approach the launch date of the new iPhone, rumors continue to circulate and videos of the supposedly new iPhone 5S case are coming in. This time, the video brings us a different view and tries to put the components of the iPhone 5 in the 5S case. The fact that it is not successful indicates that the internal redistribution of the device is important. More space for the battery, a new space for the flash, among other things, make the device different inside.

Everything is in the Lord’s vineyard. This saying comes to mind in this article. The rumors about the future of the new iPhone 5S are coming in . And not only are these rumors, but there are also many leaked pieces that have reached the hands of bloggers and curious people who, almost daily, show us through their videos.

An iPhone 5 inside the 5S case, challenge not met
An iPhone 5 inside the 5S case, challenge not met

In this case, we have a new and different vision of what will be, predictably, the new housing of the iPhone 5S . In particular, we see that it is what will be, one of the novelties in the range of colours available for the smarthphones of Cupertino’s company – the colour champagne -.

As we can see, the new case is a similar size to the previous generation so we rule out a larger screen or, in general, a change in design. However, if we are going to see a huge change it is the inside of the device .

If we look at the case shown in the video, we can see how the screws with which the motherboard is fixed to the case are positioned in a completely different way than in the iPhone 5. On the other hand, the space available for the flash is greater , due to the possible use of a double LED flash. And finally, the space reserved for the motherboard is smaller so we can intuit that this space will be used to increase the size of the battery with the consequent gain in autonomy.

As we said at the beginning, there is everything in the Lord’s vineyard. Our friend who appears in the video, tries to mount the components of the 5 in the case of the iPhone 5S. Obviously, and due to the complete internal redistribution of its components that seems to bring the new iPhone, it does not succeed .

This rhythm of appearances, leaks and videos is beginning to be overwhelming. Anything that appears between now and September 10, however much we may agree and however sure we are that these rumors are true, we cannot assign credibility to it. Once again, the hype being created around a release is abysmal. Honestly, the scarcity of pitches compared to what we are used to in Cupertino may be the culprit of so much generated expectation .

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