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An image hidden in the iOS 14 code gives clues to Apple’s future headphones


That Apple is developing Beats-like headphones is something we’ve known for about two years. As far as the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo could find out, these future headphones would be the closest thing to a Beats developed by Apple and equipped with the technology of the AirPods. Today in 9to5mac they have discovered some interesting images about this project.

An image hidden in the iOS 14 code gives clues to Apple’s future headphonesAn image hidden in the iOS 14 code gives clues to Apple’s future headphones

As for the design, the icons discovered in the code of iOS version 14 leave little room for doubt: these are the latest headset headphones similar to the Beats . From the fact that the icon appears in two colors 9to5mac suggests that Apple will offer the headset in two finish colors, although it is also possible that these are two representations of the same finish adapted to the dark mode of the device.

Until now Beats headphones have always played with colours to offer variations, we see this in the headphones of the different families. Meanwhile, the AirPods, both first and second generation, as well as the AirPods Pro, have been exclusively white .

In terms of performance, it’s a little hard to imagine what else a headset can offer that the Solo Pro doesn’t already. There is one detail, though: the sound quality . It is true that we can think of headphones that, for example, pause the music when we take them off, but the margin of improvement is slight. In the field of sound, however, if Apple applies everything that has been learned since the appearance of the HomePod, the result can be spectacular.

Apple’s technology, connectivity, battery, “Hey Siri” function and design have already infused the Beats brand with great improvements, now sound quality can be the main focus.

Availability? Since 2018 we have been hearing rumors about these headphones, however the clearest clue is found in the iOS 14 code. The new version of the operating system that gives life to our iPhone will be presented at the WWDC during the first week of June (still without official confirmation) and the final version will arrive during the month of September. It is possible that Apple will present these headphones on the iPhone presentation Keynote , although there is also the possibility of a launch via press release, before the Keynote.

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For now we can only wait for official confirmation or more rumours about these mysterious and long-awaited headphones. We at Apple will keep you informed of all the latest developments.