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An excellent and essential media player for Mac


Every now and then you come across one of those programs that pleasantly surprises you , and that becomes “fixed” on your hard drive from that moment on. This has happened to me with Movist , an excellent multimedia player for the Mac, which works beautifully and has all the right options to enjoy our videos without any complications.

An excellent and essential media player for Mac
An excellent and essential media player for Mac

Hosted by Google Code , Movist is an open source player that uses the Quicktime and FFmpeg codecs to work. I won’t comment on Quicktime because I’m sure it sounds like something, but the use of FFmpeg is interesting: It’s an open source collection of audio and video compressors and decompressors, with its own codec library.

It is also used by MPlayer , although the performance of Movist compared to MPlayer is light years away ( I refer to Mac versions ). For example, the search for a particular point within a 1080p HD video, is almost instantaneous in Movist, which is not the case in MPlayer OSX.

The interface is also more pleasant than that of MPlayer , and is light years away from the cruelty to the view offered by the multipurpose VLC. The floating menus have a HUD interface and are very well structured.

Apart from the speed of playback and search within the videos themselves, Movist has another strong point: the treatment of subtitles , over which we have complete control thanks to its multiple options ( very easily accessible directly from the keyboard, by the way ).

To finish off this little wonder, we have the “Full Screen Navigation” option, with which we will enter full screen through some mimic menus of FrontRow , only using the video decoding engines of Movist ( which, by the way, we can change even during the playback of a video ).

And many more things: support for the Apple Remote, mini floating controller when we are in full screen, audio or sound track isolation… Although it’s true that I’ve been hung up on it a few times over the weekend, the stability is ( ) at least as good as the VLC in the tests I’ve done.

Make room for it on your Mac, try it out and it will become a must have among your favourite applications. Many thanks to aperfectme who told us about Movist in the comments of the MPlayer post!

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