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An Evernote failure could cause you to lose your data

After detecting an error that could cause images and other attachments to be deleted from a note under specific conditions, Evernote has asked users of the application on Mac to update to the latest version of the service to avoid being affected by this loss of information.

How to solve the Evernote bug

To inform about the risk, Evernote sent an email to a small group of platform users. They are strongly encouraged to upgrade to the version of the application released in early October. In the email they clarified that the voice notes were not affected by the bug.

An Evernote failure could cause you to lose your data
An Evernote failure could cause you to lose your data

The representatives of the application that is dedicated to the management of personal information pointed out that not everyone is affected, and were emphatic in pointing out that only “a small number of people” were affected by the bug . Similarly, Evernote clarified that once the problem was identified, work was done quickly to solve it and attempts were made to restore all the lost files, although the attempts were not entirely successful.

Evernote promises solutions

While some attachments can be retrieved by Evernote, users themselves may be able to save something through the Service Note History function, which is only available to Evernote Premium customers, for this reason in the information mail they were granted a one-year subscription to this service.

Since the forecasts were taken in time, it is possible that the damage to users will be minimal and Evernote will not join the group of applications and brands that have suffered serious consequences due to bugs in their systems, as it happened recently with Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7.

If you use Evernote, we just hope your data is still safe or you may want to check out 6 free alternatives to Evernote.

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