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An Emmy award for Apple for its Misunderstood ad

Apple has just been awarded an Emmy for its Misunderstood ad . The Emmy Awards are very prestigious awards, which are given in the U.S. and reward excellence in everything related to the television industry in the same country. This is not the first time that Apple has been awarded this type of prize, as it also received it in the 2001, 2002, 2005, 2006 and 2013 editions.

Misunderstood is an advert in which Apple shows us that by using the iPhone 5s, Apple TV and Air Play, you can easily record, edit and present , in this case to the family, a video of for example what seems to be a few days of the Christmas holidays.

An Emmy award for Apple for its Misunderstood ad
An Emmy award for Apple for its Misunderstood ad

The producer of the ad was Media Arts Lab , an advertising agency from Los Angeles, which in addition to this city in California, has offices in several of the most important cities in the world such as London, Beijing or Tokyo. Media Arts Lab has been the advertising agency that has worked the most with Apple in recent years, although it must be said that since Cupertino steps are being taken to reduce their dependence on it , and also to contract with other companies in the advertising sector.

On the advertising of Apple products, there is also some controversy in recent times , since both Samsung, with its recent campaign in the airports, and Windows, its main rivals in the mobile phone market and tablets , They are doing a much more aggressive advertising and that was having a great impact on the media, unlike Apple, which is betting on a more calm advertising, focusing on showing the capabilities of their products with a rather touching music in the background and thus having a somewhat lesser impact.

As for Apple’s rivals for this award, on this occasion they were important companies from very different sectors, but that always stand out in terms of their advertising , such as General Electric, Budweiser and Nike, whose ads, finally, we can see below, to be able to compare and observe for ourselves, the reason why Apple is the winner of this award for 2014.

General Electric announcement

Budweiser announcement

Nike ad

Second Budweiser ad

If you think that Apple’s ad is not the fair winner of this prize or you consider that one of the previous ones is better than Cupertino’s company, you can leave us your comment below explaining your reasons and mentioning the one that in your opinion should have been the winner.

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