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An Apple Store is robbed of $13,000

If there is something that characterizes the products of the Californian firm is undoubtedly its price . It is worth noting that Apple is the most valuable brand worldwide. Therefore, the millions of dollars that the company handles every day is reason enough to attract the attention of those who want to take advantage of it illegally.

No wonder the Apple Store is the main target of thieves. To all this, we should mention the star product of the thieves, the iPhone . This device undoubtedly stands out for its size, its value and its ease of sale.

Robbery at a Massachusetts Apple Store

An Apple Store is robbed of $13,000
An Apple Store is robbed of $13,000

Police reported a theft of 19 units of iPhone from a store in the city of Natick, Massachusetts. The robbery was carried out by 7 people , who were armed for the occasion. However, the loot seized amounted to $13,000 . A perfect robbery that only lasted 1 minute and a half.

By analyzing the time used to carry out this illegality, we can see that it is a perfectly coordinated act. Let’s emphasize that it was performed during the night, so the security of the premises was minimal.

The robbery took place on the night of October 19 , and the thieves were able to easily bypass all the store’s security systems, as we can see in the news.

Apple Store Security

There have been several robberies in the American country in recent months. These cases should serve Cupertino as a warning of the lack of security in their stores . First of all, they cause certain losses for the company, while at the same time creating insecurity in the customers.

In addition, the lack of improved security systems and the ease with which many groups access robberies, could serve as a source of inspiration for other criminals to carry out such acts. So, without realizing it, these facts could cause more robberies in the official stores of the block . What will be Apple’s position on this?

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