An Apple Store in France was occupied this weekend

Activists from the organization ATTAC, have occupied an Apple Store in Paris to denounce Apple’s alleged tax evasion.

The occupation took place this same weekend, where the members of this act, denounced the alleged plot organized by Apple to send its profits to Ireland and not contribute to the French economy .

An Apple Store in France was occupied this weekend
An Apple Store in France was occupied this weekend

They handed out pamphlets and hung banners where it could be read: “We’ll leave when Apple pays” .

In October, France and the European Commission denounced Ireland for not recovering the tax benefits that Apple could have saved by an agreement with the Irish. Specifically, some 13 billion euros.

The occupants of a centrally located Apple Store in France, refused to leave the premises, where they even started to play several songs in protest. Among the instruments, saxophones and clarinets could be heard.

The protest had a clear objective, that Apple should be taxed in France and leave its profits there, as do the other companies operating in the country of the Eiffel Tower, helping the French economy.

The occupation had no major incidents , only some inconveniences towards customers who wanted to buy some product or needed some repair of their devices.


The demonstration and occupation ended peacefully, with the clear objective of denouncing the alleged scheme that Apple would have designed to benefit from significant tax advantages in Ireland.

What do you think about Apple not paying taxes in the countries where it operates and looking for tax havens?

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