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Amazon wants Alexa to be in the cars

Digital voice assistants are not only in smart speakers or smartphones; they are also in cars. Apple’s CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto are two of the most widely used vehicle operating systems in the industry. They require a smartphone with an iOS or Android operating system, respectively, to be able to operate and access all of their functions.

However, Amazon, one of its main competitors in the smart speaker sector, would also like to enter this market with Alexa. In fact, Jeff Bezos’ company would already be negotiating with several car manufacturers to integrate this assistant.

Amazon wants Alexa to be in the cars
Amazon wants Alexa to be in the cars

Some Audi models are already part of Alexa

Although Amazon already made its first tests with vehicles in 2016, it has not been until now that it is taking it seriously. According to Bloomberg, the company has already convinced BMW and Audi to use Alexa, and is negotiating with more manufacturers to include its voice assistant.

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Recently, Ned Curic, vice president of Alexa Automotive , said that the goal is for the assistant to be integrated into the cars , and that they are working hard to get the best experience. Maybe an advantage over CarPlay and Android Auto is that Alexa’s app works on both iOS and Android, i.e. it is not restricted to any mobile operating system.

Taking the Echo Car Further

Earlier this year some users started receiving the Echo Auto, one of the latest devices from Amazon that serves to add Alexa to cars. It has 8 long range microphones with which the Echo Auto will listen to our requests, previously synchronized with our smartphone through the iOS or Android Alexa app. It transmits the information to the vehicle’s speakers via Bluetooth or auxiliary socket.

With the Amazon Echo Auto you can ask Alexa to play songs from Amazon Music, Spotify or Apple Music, play internet radio via TuneIn or iHeartRadio, listen to audio books, ask for the news of the day, directions, make calls or manage your calendar. You can extend your functions through the skills .

It could be said that the Echo Auto is still in the testing phase and that its operation still needs to be improved. Proof of this is that can only be purchased by invitation from Amazon itself.