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Amazon Stream, a Pinterest-like way to buy

Amazon has given a twist to online shopping and has surprised users with Stream, a new way of shopping on the Internet that promises a unique experience. The peculiarity of Amazon Stream is that its interface is very similar to the one used by the social network Pinterest .

Pinterest is a social network used by millions of people in the world , through which you can discover and make known lots of things. It is so big that even Apple has made it possible for the App Store to reach users so that they can get to know new applications, as the guys at Applesencia explained at the time.

Amazon Stream, a Pinterest-like way to buy
Amazon Stream, a Pinterest-like way to buy

Now Amazon has decided to take that interface based on the well-known Pinterest pinboards and user experience to offer the user a new experience when shopping on the Internet. Below we tell you what Amazon Stream is like and its main features. Let’s get started!

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Amazon Stream offers thousands of products!

The giant of online shopping has decided to call its new service Amazon Stream, through which it offers users an endless list of products of all kinds . Thus, in Amazon Stream you can find clothing items for men, women, as well as different items for the home.

It should be noted that by taking the Pinterest way of working, navigating and finding things on Amazon Stream is a very simple task . At the top there are three tabs to choose which products you want to see: all of them, men, women and your saved ones.

Because if you find an article published on Amazon Stream that catches your eye you can save it to see it later. This way you will be able to locate it in the blink of an eye instead of searching through an endless list of products.

On the other hand, it should be noted that all products shown on Amazon Stream are sponsored, updated daily and only the prices are displayed . In other words, the user will not be able to consult any type of product description, rating or vendor information on Amazon Stream.

There are still many doubts about how Amazon Stream works

Amazon has not announced the arrival of Stream through a press release or anything like that, so there are still many doubts about this new shopping service in the style of Pinterest. From TheNextWeb they say that the user also has the possibility to add items to their wish list , although this will be independent of the Amazon wish list.

It must be said that Amazon Stream looks very good and may have great possibilities, although at the moment it seems somewhat incomplete , especially if we compare it with the Amazon shopping experience. However, it can be a great option when buying from mobile devices, and the truth is that launching an application of this service could be a great success.

What do you think of Amazon Stream? Do you like this new shopping experience that Amazon offers?