Amazon Prime Video for Apple TV now available on the tvOS App Store [Updated]

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You can search for the app on the App Store for your 3rd-generation, 4th-generation, or Apple TV 4 4K.

Amazon Prime Video for Apple TV now available on the tvOS App Store [Updated]
Amazon Prime Video for Apple TV now available on the tvOS App Store [Updated]

The promise that Amazon Prime Video would come to Apple TV is long overdue. It has been delayed several times, but now, it seems that has finally reached the App Store , although it is not available for download. How so? Well, Apple is promoting it but not offering it yet.

And that’s because between Amazon and Apple there has been a particular war to put their products/services on the other’s platform. It all started because Apple was charging too many fees to apps that offered subscription-based services. For this reason, Amazon decided that they were not going to offer Amazon Prime Video on the Apple TV so that Apple would take 30%, not only that, but they stopped selling the Apple TV on Amazon.

But then things changed, Apple applied the 15% discount on subscriptions and Amazon also resold the Apple TV in its online store. They made peace, so much so that during the last WWDC it was promised that Amazon Prime Video would be “soon” on tvOS. Six months have passed, and it still hasn’t arrived at all.

However, may arrive in the next few hours or days , as Apple is already promoting the app for Apple TV on the App Store. In the US App Store a recommendation from the publishers shows us the advantages and what we can see in Amazon Prime Video, as a promotion of the app. The description of this story encourages the user to subscribe to Amazon Prime to enjoy all its benefits, including watching series, movies and the NFL on Apple TV.

Downloading the app only downloads to the iPhone and iPad at the moment, but it’s likely to arrive on Apple TV soon. Therefore, the only thing we can do at the moment is to wait for the servers to be updated and to arrive at the Apple TV. In any case, we will be attentive to update the article with the download link as soon as it is available.

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