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Amazon, Ebay and Google Maps say goodbye to the Apple Watch

Apple aumenta la garantía del Apple Watch de primera generación

Por otra parte, cabe la posibilidad de que Apple modifique sus intenciones en cuanto a tipo de aplicaciones . Cabe destacar que durante los últimos meses, los de Cupertino han decidido apostar por el deporte . Tal vez, este sea el camino que la empresa quiere tomar, ya que actividades como el running , se encuentran de moda en la actualidad.

Amazon, Ebay and Google Maps say goodbye to the Apple Watch
Amazon, Ebay and Google Maps say goodbye to the Apple Watch

¿Qué piensas sobre el abandono de estas aplicaciones?, ¿Debería Apple enfocarse plenamente en el deporte?

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Today, there is a news item that has stood out (and with reason) in the world of Apple. We have just learned that Google Maps, Amazon and Ebay applications have said goodbye to the Californian firm’s smart clock .

Unfortunately, over the past few months several companies have removed support from their applications for the Apple Watch . It is worth noting that these three were among the pioneers when the first generation of the device was introduced to the Californians. Years later they decided to abandon this path. What could have been the reason?

One possible reason could be the number of users . More and more customers are betting on the clock of those on the block. However, the functionalities are currently quite reduced , despite presenting an improved version together with the sports brand Nike.

We don’t know if this decision will be forever, or they have simply decided to stay away for a while , until Apple’s get more users. This way, these versions would become viable for companies.

In my opinion, this decision seriously damages the apple’s signature. Let us emphasize that the functionalities presented by these three applications were very useful. In particular, the Google Maps application was very useful when walking and driving.

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