AltWWDC, the Alternative Developer’s Event to the WWDC

As is the case every year, WWDC tickets sold out in a matter of minutes . The anticipation of the event is very important and many developers want to be present. This is why tickets fly and many are unable to attend.

Furthermore, the ticket price for WWDC is not accessible to everyone. 1600$, is not within the reach of any pocket and, we suppose, that Apple does this to put a first filter and try to avoid as much as possible that more people try to buy their ticket without good results.

AltWWDC, the Alternative Developer’s Event to the WWDC
AltWWDC, the Alternative Developer’s Event to the WWDC

In any case, many people interested in attending the event are left out and with no real possibility of attending. Apple has promised that it will upload all the videos from the workshops with the engineers and make them available to developers who have subscribed to the iTunes Store program. No doubt many will thank Apple for this, but they still miss out on something very important from the event, the chance to network and build relationships with other attendees that could turn into real businesses or new and useful apps in the future.

To try ” relieve ” this, the AltWWDC has been created. A parallel event to the WWDC that will accommodate all interested developers who have not been able to purchase tickets for the official Apple conference. In addition, those who do attend the WWDC will also be welcome, so all kinds of developers will be concentrated in the same space.

The event will also be held in San Frencisco from June 10th to 14th. In addition, it will be held in facilities very close to the Moscone Center, so any WWDC attendee will be able to attend the side event.

AltWWDC attendees will be able to follow Apple’s opening conference live and mingle with other developers to discuss what’s new, make contacts and ultimately share a few days with people with the same passions and interests.

From Cult of Mac they say that attendees will be able to enjoy conferences from different people and will have lunch completely free during all the days of duration.

If you are interested in this event, it is already possible to request a ticket from the AltWWDC website.

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