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Alto’s Odyssey, the essence does not remain in this sequel, it is surpassed: App of the Week

Games iOS6 comments 04 December 2018, 11:10 Cristian Rus@CristianRus4 Alto’s Odyssey has just been named among the best games of the year 2018.

I remember the launch of Alto’s Adventure in the App Store. I looked at the game skeptically, obviously denoting quality with those graphics that could be seen in the screenshots, although I did not want to get into another game to play for a few minutes and let it fall into oblivion. But I’m curious, so I decided to give it a try, downloaded it to my iPad and opened it for the first time. He recommended me to use some helmets, so I listened to him and made the first tap on the screen. And suddenly it happened, the character started to descend the mountain while leaving behind trees, obstacles and reindeer, while the music was surrounding you. A few seconds later I understood, I was in front of one of the best games ever made for iPhone or iPad , because it was simply “beautiful”.

Alto’s Odyssey, the essence does not remain in this sequel, it is surpassed: App of the Week
Alto’s Odyssey, the essence does not remain in this sequel, it is surpassed: App of the Week

This happened in 2015, since then three years have passed and after the announcement and the delay, the sequel of Alto’s Adventure has finally arrived from the hand of the development team Snowman and Harry Nesbitt, or what is the same, from the hand of Team Alto. Alto’s Odyssey is the sequel to Alto’s Adventure, and like all good sequels, maintains the style and history, but offers details and new features not seen before , so that both those who have played Alto’s Adventure and those who have not, have a game with which to entertain themselves and above all relax.

From icy mountains to hot deserts

With Alto’s Adventure the bar was set very high, so Team Alto had to manage to surpass it. You can do something totally different to avoid comparisons, a game that has nothing to do with mountains, corner characters or any endless runner . But that would mean losing something unique that has the High universe, the tranquility and the sensations that it evokes. Alto’s Odyssey is however a sequel, a story that follows, the characters leave the cold mountains behind and reach the sunny deserts . And the story doesn’t get boring, it gets better.

Snow is replaced by sand, trees by palms.

Now there are temples to be crossed, globes to be jumped over, water to be immersed in, hanging bridges – don’t trust them -, wind swirls… It is a different world, but one that feels familiar when you play, it rings a bell and at the same time it doesn’t ring a bell, because it is another environment, another place. Talking to Harry Nesbitt, artistic director and programmer of Team Alto, I asked him about it:

The place is totally different, the feeling of being cozy does not change

Alto’s Odyssey keeps the game mechanics so simple, just click the screen to make your character jump and rotate. From there, it depends on your ability to avoid obstacles, achieve unique jumps or fulfill the objectives that the game asks of you. It is an endless runner that consumes your skill not by avoiding obstacles as it normally does, but by trying to get challenges. There is also an extra difficulty factor, those tricky landscapes distract you , you stay watching for a few seconds how the tones of the sky change and suddenly, you fall, starting all over again.

A simple detail like adding water considerably increases the possibilities of the game.

The most important change from Alto’s Adventure? For me it is the place, the new landscapes and the new elements that it introduces, like e.g. the water or the jumps that you can make by helping yourself from the walls. I was interested to know what was the most relevant aspect for the Team Alto team as well. Eli Cymet, the main producer, told me the following:

“Todd’s music has a timeless quality that beautifully captures the greatness of this new desert space.

The truth is that the soundtrack of Alto’s Odyssey is for framing. The use of headphones is not mandatory, but the game should have a function that does not allow playing without detecting a connected headset. And as Eli says, it plays a key role in the game, it encourages you to keep playing and at the same time it immerses you fully in the game’s universe. Choosing Todd Baker as a composer has certainly been a great success, a server uses many of his albums as music for concentration when working.

On platforms that make sense, when it makes sense

Alto’s Adventure is a game that we can currently purchase in iOS to play on the iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. It is also available for Android. Alto’s Odyssey is following a similar path. So far it has been published for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. But what if one day you feel like playing on your laptop to take your mind off the job? What if Apple unifies the development of iOS and macOS? Ryan Cash, founder of Snowman, explained to me how they see the development of the High universe for other platforms:

Perfect, the High universe stays for the moment on the platforms where it makes sense to be , where it is comfortable to play and for which it has been designed and thought out. After Alto’s adventure has come the odyssey, which according to the dictionary is a “long journey, full of adverse and favorable adventures”. Will we have in a few years something even greater than an odyssey in the Alto universe? Eli Cymet, has an answer to that:

Again, when it makes sense.

It is not a game, it is an experience

We say that Alto’s Odysseys is a game because in the end you have to fit it somewhere inside the App Store, but in reality, it goes much further. For example, I play without thinking much about the different achievements that have to be overcome, rather to relax, like when you put a screensaver and music in the background. And I’m not the only one, I even know a few users for whom Alto’s Adventure was a way to leave stress behind .

This is not a coincidence, the developers know very well about it and that’s why for Alto’s Adventure they launched the Zen mode, where you only have to worry about playing no matter what your achievements or how far you go. Were the two games designed like this from the beginning? This is the first question that came to my mind and I wanted to solve it. Eli Cymet, solved it for me:

“We wanted to strip the players of anything that made them feel like a traditional game”
Alto’s Odyssey

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Temas de interés It immerses you in its dunes like no other game and takes advantage of the possibilities of a portable and mobile device like the iPhone and iPad.

I’ve been in Alto’s Odyssey for a few days now, I’ve managed to overcome quite a few challenges but I still have a few left. Some are more difficult than others, some make me put them aside and start jumping as I feel like on the desert slopes. At some point I will manage to overcome them all, but the game will not be finished, as it happened with Alto’s Adventure, I will save it in a folder on my iPhone, and I will return to it whenever I need a moment of tranquility .

Warning, playing Alto’s Odyssey can cause Stendhal syndrome.

If there were any AAA rating for mobile games I would include Alto’s Odyssey without thinking. Understands the platform and brings out the best in it as well as offering a great gaming experience. What’s more, I’d say the best game on the App Store is just a click away. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Apple rated it as the best game of the Apple Design Awards at the next WWDC 2018.

The game as I said, can be played on the iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. A single purchase to have it available on all three devices, no in-app purchases and no subscriptions. Alto’s Odyssey can be downloaded from the App Store for 5.49 euros , I can think of 549 reasons to buy it, but I’ll stick with a phrase from Ryan Cash:

[[update: {“text”:” Update : Alto’s Odyssey is temporarily on sale, from 5.49 euros to 2.29 euros. You can purchase it in the App Store “}]]

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