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alternatives to the Apple officer

Unfortunately, cables do not last forever and I’m sure you have suffered at some point that one of your cables has split in half when you look inside it. That’s why we have to keep in mind a number of alternatives to have at hand if necessary. Unfortunately we live with a total dependence on these cables to be able to load the device or simply to transfer files. In this article we are going to show you a series of very interesting options of cables for the iPad, no matter what generation we are talking about.

USB-C cables for iPad Pro 3

Nimaso cable

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alternatives to the Apple officeralternatives to the Apple officer

Features: USB-C to USB-C cable for the 3rd generation iPad Pro and also for the latest MacBook models Allows fast charging with a maximum power of 60W and 3A . It also supports data transfer of up to 5 Gbps. It has a variable length of 1 or 2 meters, depending on our daily needs.

UGREEN cable

UGREEN cable Buy it atEUR9.99

Features: cable that will provide a fast charge up to 60W compatible with many devices that have a USB-C connection. To prevent it from breaking at the worst possible moment, it is made of braided nylon on the outside and copper wires on the inside. Available in both a 1 meter and 2 meter size.

RAMPOW cable

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Features: Cable fully reinforced in the joint between the cable and the aluminium housing to avoid breakage due to use. It has an extension of 2 meters to avoid problems when using it with all devices that are compatible with this type of connection such as the iPad Pro, Macs or some third party mobile devices.

Lightning cables

Hunletai cable

Buy Hunletai cable

Features: classic ligthning cable to USB-A that will allow us to recharge those iPads that do not have the USB-C connection. This cable has a higher charging and data transfer speed than conventional ones. It has a unique size of 2 meters and in the pack are included in total 3.

RAVAID charging cable

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Features: because it is built with braided nylon we can rely quite heavily on its strength. We can bend it without being afraid that it will break, although it is obviously not unbreakable either. Both the 1.2 and 1.8 meter model are available.

Hunletai cable pack

Buy HUNLETAI cable

Features: If you are a person who needs several cables to recharge your iPad either at home or in your car through your own cigarette lighter, in this pack you will find three cables at an incredible price. They are totally resistant and compatible with many devices to give us a lot of confidence when using them.

Gritin Cable

Buy GRITIN cable

Features: a tremendously reliable brand that offers us an Apple MFi certified charging cable. This is why we make sure it uses official Apple technology but with an advantage in its construction by presenting high quality nylon.

Syncwire cable

Buy Syncwire cable

Feature: another cable that is certified by Apple MFi and has a size of up to 2 meters. It guarantees us the best possible loading and data transfer speed. In addition, it is also built in naylon to give us more durability unlike the official Apple cables.

Durable JSAUX cable

Buy Jsaux cable

Features: If resistance is extremely important to you, with this JSAUX cable you can be totally relaxed because in addition to being built in nylon it also has protected joints.

And you, what cable do you use in your daily life? Leave us your choices in the comment box.