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Alternatives for Mac: Instant Messaging

As every week, we come back once more to show you alternatives to those programs that we used to use in Windows, but that when changing systems can be more difficult to find. This time we show you programs that help you keep in touch with your family and friends. Will you join us?

Here’s another week to show you Mac applications that can replace the ones you used in Windows. As we said last week, today I’ll be showing you instant messaging programs for your Mac OS. Because we all like to stay connected, no matter what operating system we use. That’s why we’re going to show you 4 very useful alternatives based on the network we use to connect: Microsoft Messenger , Yahoo Messenger , Skype and the “all-rounder” Adium . Let’s get started:

Microsoft Messenger

Alternatives for Mac: Instant Messaging
Alternatives for Mac: Instant Messaging

This is the Messenger par excellence, the one that everybody uses in Windows and that allows us to talk with almost anyone who has a Windows Live ID , which is Microsoft’s sign-in service and with which we can connect to the Windows Live network. The truth is that Microsoft has put the batteries with this software, because in previous versions it had many bugs that seem to have been solved. The program is quite complete, since it allows us to send files, sms (if we have the service contracted) and we can even see our Hotmail or MSN mail.

We can also, of course, write to our friends and make voice and video calls over the Internet. As you can see it’s a very interesting alternative if all your friends are from Hotmail. As it has always been with Messenger, it is free and we can download it from the Microsoft website or together with the Office 2011 package.

Yahoo Messenger

It’s the Yahoo! version to be able to talk instantly with our Yahoo! contacts. It allows us to do exactly the same thing as the previous one, but with the catch that is only in English . If you use Yahoo! as your email and your friends are also on this network, you will see that it is a very well designed and easy to use program even though it is not in English. We can also download it for free from the Yahoo! page.


Although it is not an instant messaging service, but its most common use is to talk on the phone over the Internet, it can also be used to “chat” with our acquaintances. The advantage of this service, apart from being free, is that you do not have to be tied to a specific network, such as Hotmail or Yahoo! but you can register for the service with any email address . We can also call any landline phone at quite reduced prices. You can download it from the home page, although you need to register in order to do so.


Windows Messenger; Yahoo! Messenger; Skype; Adium.

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It is the software of choice for almost all Maks , as it is compatible with all types of services, so you don’t need different programs, but only one. Currently it even has full integration with Twitter and Facebook , so we can check our social networks while talking to our friends. It is also completely customizable to our taste, being able to change the colors and shapes of the “chat” window, change the icons and everything else you can think of. The application is free and can be downloaded from the home page.

And that’s it for today. Next week I’ll tell you about a very interesting program if you like playing with your computer , because having a Mac doesn’t mean we can’t have fun once in a while, right? The program is called Steam and it’s also free. But I won’t keep you up. Join us next week and we’ll explain everything. Are you up for it?


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