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Altavoces August WS300 & WS150 Multiroom Wifi y Bluetooth

How important is our life carrying our favorite music everywhere? Today we present you with a couple of interesting products. If you are a music lover and especially if you like to share that music through a Bluetooth connection, these August speakers may interest you.

August WS300 & WS150 speakers, Multiroom Wifi and Bluetooth compatibility

The designs of these speakers can be very minimalist but are full of power, are compatible with both Apple and Android products and incorporate AirPlay and Bluetooth connections. Best of all, it has its own application, so if you’re on your iPhone or iPad you won’t have any trouble playing the music on your device.

Altavoces August WS300 & WS150 Multiroom Wifi y Bluetooth
Altavoces August WS300 & WS150 Multiroom Wifi y Bluetooth

Let’s take it one step at a time. What’s the difference between one speaker and another?

August WS150

In design they are very similar, in size they vary a little but the differences lie in issues a little more technical. From the WS150 model we can find the following characteristics (differences) compared to its big brother:

Power: 10W

Signal to noise ratio: Greater than or equal to 75 dB.

Response frequency: 60Hz-20KHz

External storage device: Micro SD up to 32 GB

Autonomy (WiFi): 12 hours of use approximately
Autonomy (Auxiliary / Bluetooth): 22 hours of use approximately Charging time: 8 hours approximately

Dimensions: 180 x 56 x 69 mm

Weight: 0.43 kg.

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