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Already on the exit ramp the Bluetooth version 4.2

Today the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), the private non-profit company in charge of the development of Bluetooth wireless technology and its implementation and marketing, announced what will be the new version of Bluetooth , which incorporates interesting and important innovations with respect to the current version, such as substantial improvements in privacy, greater speed in data transfer and the possibility of direct connection of devices to the Internet .

As for the speed of data transfer, perhaps the most important for the common users of this technology , it is stated that it will increase by 2.5 times, also decreasing the possibility of an error during the transfer and making it more efficient, also promising reductions in battery consumption.

Already on the exit ramp the Bluetooth version 4.2Already on the exit ramp the Bluetooth version 4.2

As far as privacy is concerned, this new version is in line with the current trend of increasing the protection and security of users against external intrusions , such as, for example, against the notifications we may receive when entering a shop or shopping centre, of offers and advertising, which currently approach us even having configured our device so that this situation does not occur.

The strong point of this update and perhaps the most striking new feature with the most outstanding applications is the possibility of direct connection of the devices to the Internet . This new version of Bluetooth will support the Internet’s IPv6 protocol. Among other things, this will allow us to access the device from our PC or remotely via the Internet.

In short, interesting news for a technology that we find in our iPhone or iPad applied to AirDrop, or to different applications. It is expected that within a month, Bluetooth 4.2 will be fully available. To see the specifications of this new version of Bluetooth in more detail, you can consult its official website.