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Alpine’s First CarPlay System Comes to Spain

Alpine will launch its first CarPlay system in Spain in December

Alpine, a well-known manufacturer of car audio and navigation systems, has recently announced that it will launch its first Apple CarPlay-compatible system in a few weeks’ time. This is the iLX-700 digital receiver, which is integrated into the car dashboard and will be available on the European market from December.

The iLX-700 will be the first system after market launched by this manufacturer that will support CarPlay , the system that allows us to control our iOS device without using our hands when we are driving. It should be noted that this receiver integrates a 7 inch capacitive screen and a very simple flat design .

Alpine’s First CarPlay System Comes to Spain
Alpine’s First CarPlay System Comes to Spain

Alpine says that the design of the iLX-700 receiver has been specially chosen and thought out for use with CarPlay, offering drivers the possibility to use their iPhone easily and without having to take their hands off the wheel. So, we see how little by little manufacturers of systems of this type and cars are adding to support CarPlay, making it possible to finally enjoy it.

More details about Alpine’s iLX-700

As mentioned above, next December Alpine’s iLX-700 receiver will arrive in Europe , and among the markets where it will be available we find Spain. As reported by Alpine, the recommended price for which the iLX-700 will be available in our country is 599 euros , to which VAT must be added, which would increase the figure to 724.79 euros.

Among the functions that we will be able to carry out with the new Alpine receiver compatible with Apple’s CarPlay we find the possibility of making and receiving calls, using the Maps application, listening in the car to the music that we have in our iPhone , accessing messages or e-mail, among other things. To make use of these functions we have two ways of communicating with the iLX-700, either through the screen or through the Siri voice assistant .

In addition, the receiver will have three 2V PreAmp outputs , an input for a rear view camera system that can be purchased separately, an auxiliary AV input or Alpine’s MediaXpaner technology . This latter technology is very useful as it improves the playback of compressed formats.

Alpine praises the user experience offered by CarPlay

Hirofumi Morioka, the company’s manager and CTO, commented that CarPlay offers a really good user experience for drivers , which is why they are very happy to be able to offer a receiver that is dedicated to this system. As we said before, CarPlay allows the user to access a large number of iPhone functions very easily and without having to pick up the device, which reduces driving distractions considerably.

As always, the guys from Applesfera are at the bottom of the canyon and have been one of the first to make known this information about the arrival of this new receiver created by Alpine. In addition, they point out that the iLX-700 will be connected to the iPhone through the Lightning connector , so it will be compatible with all smartphone models that have this connector, that is, from the iPhone 5 onwards.

And finally, they comment that Tunelt 2.0, Alpine’s free application, fits perfectly with this system , giving the user the possibility to customize the sound settings from the smartphone itself.

What about CarPlay? What about Alpine’s iLX-700 system?

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