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almost identical designs, very different prices

The straps and bracelets for the Apple Watch are a real bargain for Apple, as they are interchangeable it is easy for the user to collect different models and use the most suitable one for each occasion . It is a business for Apple and also for other manufacturers, who can sell their own straps with exclusive designs or… replicas that imitate Apple’s design. And the latter is most interesting.

In the last few weeks I’ve been testing a replica of the Apple link bracelet. As I explained at the time, I was especially struck by the fact that you can get a replica that costs ten times less. It has its advantages and disadvantages, although the price is of course its biggest advantage . And something similar happens with other replicas for the Apple Watch straps.

almost identical designs, very different prices
almost identical designs, very different prices

At AppleThis replica link bracelet for Apple Watch is not only the same, but it costs 10 times less

For a while now I’ve been curious to see how effective these straps are that imitate the original Apple straps. Is it enough to have a similar design? Do they get the same quality at a lower price? I have been testing not one or two or three, but up to five different straps that imitate the official Apple ones . The results are different for each of them.

Sports strap

My favourite strap for everyday use is an Apple sports strap. I have them in several colors: white, orange, blue, red… As I use it most of the time, I decided to have it in different colours to keep changing. Being the simplest in design, the truth is that the replica does not differ at all from the original Apple. Putting my original white strap in front of the replica that is also white, I had a hard time differentiating them and if it wasn’t for the fact that the original is worn out, I wouldn’t have differentiated them.

The replica, however, has two drawbacks that make it difficult for me to continue using it over time. The first one is that the coating on the silicone it has wears out over the days and makes the material more adherent so some dirt accumulates and it is not so soft on the skin. The second negative point is that the part where the metal meets the silicone has become slightly detached, I am afraid that wearing the strap may lose the watch. However, maybe it’s just a defective model in my case.

The strap was purchased from a generic vendor on Amazon. The truth is that they are available for about ten euros at Amazon and in stores like AliExpress for less than five euros even. Is it worth it? At that price of course it is, especially for occasional use . If you’re a daily sports fan, it might be worth investing 59 euros in an original.

Sport Loop Strap

When I bought my last Apple Watch I also bought it with a Nike edition sport Loop strap. The truth is that is the most comfortable of all . The Velcro makes it very comfortable to wear and change the adjustment of how tight we want it to be. On the other hand, as it is somewhat elastic, it is very simple to fasten it better at times such as when doing sport.

I also got a replica sports loop strap. In appearance, once again, there is no difference from the original. With use I have also not noticed signs of wear and tear and it holds just as well as the original. The only difference I have noticed has to do with the elasticity of the strap. It is elastic like the original, but not as much as the original.

The replica of the sports Loop strap I tried can also be found for less than 10 euros as opposed to 59 euros for an original. This time, the stakes are lower and if you want to try one out, the Sports Loop strap is certainly a good idea to try a replica . If you are convinced, you can always buy an original one in the future.

Leather Loop

The leather Loop strap is one of the references for Apple. This strap has a similar mechanism to the Millanese Loop and the Sport Loop, although on this occasion the predominant material is leather and not steel mesh or nylon. While the Apple version is available for 159 euros, the replica I tested is available for less than 25 euros.

Differences? Here in design we find it, the zone that one both parts of the strap is not of leather reinforced with metal but that is directly a metal buckle not so disguised. The quality of the leather used does not seem to be the same either, although the colour is very good. Finally, one sticking point that is usually put on replicas has to do with the lace with the Apple Watch. In the previous ones I think it was perfect, but in this one you can see that there is some separation, especially when you tighten the strap a lot. It’s not a sign that it’s going to come off.

The replica leather Loop strap is certainly a good alternative to the official Apple one, at least the one I tried. It’s a good alternative because there is a considerable price difference . Although the design is slightly different, the final look is very elegant and the final result is very well achieved at the price it sells.

Link bracelet

From the replica of the link bracelet we have a whole article dedicated to it. As we explained, both the design and the construction are very successful . The version of Lululook that I tested costs almost ten times less than the official Apple version and this is certainly a factor to take into account. I would highlight, besides the price, the ease of removing or putting links, the quality of the steel and the good fit it has in the watch.

Negative points? Beyond the fact that it’s a replica, I can’t find them. Unless you’re looking to wear (and know it) an official link bracelet, a careful and successful replica may be more than enough .

Milanese Loop Bracelet


Next to the link bracelet, the Milanese Loop bracelet is the one that has surprised me the most in quality and design. The official Milanese Loop bracelet is extremely elegant, so the requirement I had for the replica was that it had an impeccable design. Does not disappoint, is identical. All the details are traced this time. As for the construction, there is no glue to put on it either, as it is made completely of metal, the magnet holds very well and the lace with the watch doesn’t leave any gap or movement.

The price difference is again significant. The replica I tested for the Milanese Loop belt is by Lululook and can be purchased for about 12 euros. To put things in context, the official Apple one is 159 euros. Again, it can be an ideal alternative for those who don’t want to spend much on straps if they don’t know if they will like it or not.

Some of these accessories have been given for testing by Lululook. You can consult our policy of relations with companies here.

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