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All we know about the future AirPods Studio

Rumours of the new AirPods Studio, Apple’s future headset, are more rife than ever: specifications, features and even design . Let’s take a look at what we know so far.

Design and name

We’re talking about Apple making Beat-style headphones from 2018. Over the last few months, rumors have been gaining strength and now we expect this new product, which looks like it will be called AirPods Studio, to arrive later this year. After seeing the strength of AirPods and AirPods Pro in terms of sales and customer satisfaction, it is clear that Apple intends to name these new headphones AirPods Studio .

All we know about the future AirPods Studio
All we know about the future AirPods Studio

With this new addition the family would be complete: AirPods, AirPods Pro and AirPods Studio . There are even rumours of the disappearance of the beats brand after the presentation of these new headphones.

Of the product design, apart from hoping that it will resemble today’s Beats, we know little. From what we do know, it stands out that, with a magnet system, some parts of the headphones would be interchangeable . Thanks to this we could alternate between a premium finish with noble fabrics for certain occasions and a more resistant and lighter finish for sports.


The features that Apple will provide in these new headphones, as far as we know, are little less than impressive . It’s clear that since the launch of the HomePod Apple has greatly improved its sound experience, products such as the MacBook Pro 16″ or the AirPods Pro are proof of this. In addition to the audio-related features, Apple will include position detection to pause or resume playback among other improvements.

Active noise cancellation

According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the new headphones will have active noise cancellation . A function that is so far reserved for Beats Studio 3, Beats Solo Pro and AirPods Pro.

Thanks to this technology, the headphones are able to analyze the ambient sound and enhance the necessary values in the music they play, in real time . In addition, they have internal microphones, between them and our ear, to ensure that the adjustment they apply is efficient and to be able to vary it if necessary.

Surely these headphones will also have transparency mode , with which we can hear our surroundings while listening to music.

Sound quality and equalization

The sound quality of these headphones is expected to be significantly better than AirPods , AirPods Pro and Beats. Rumours, however, offer no further details.

As far as equalization is concerned, these new headphones will allow us to adjust various playback values. These adjustments will be made directly on the Mac, iPhone or iPad to which the headphones are connected and will offer us equalisation of low, medium and high frequencies .

Position and orientation detection

AirPods and AirPods Pro have accustomed us to the simple gesture of removing a headset to pause playback and resume it when we put it back on. Future AirPods Studio will offer a similar experience. The new headphones will be able to detect when they are worn on the head or neck and act accordingly.

In addition, these AirPods will have a sensor that will be able to detect our ear and distinguish right from left to route the audio channels properly. With this elegant solution we will never again wear our headphones upside down .

Price and availability

According to several sources the starting price of the new AirPods Studio will be $349 , the same price as the current Beats Studio. As for the release date, although all the rumors indicate that it will happen this year, they leave an exact date unclear.

So far we have seen several product launches through press releases, so if Apple has a launch planned there is little we can do to guess its date. However, if we are expecting a stage presentation , we can consider the WWDC next June 22nd or the September-October event with the iPhone.

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For now, like all rumors, we will take the information with some caution. While we await the arrival of these new headphones, whether at WWDC, at the fall event or through a press release, we will have one thing clear: we will see some impressive headphones arrive.

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