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all we could see

On September 10th we attended the now customary Apple event where the company presented its new iPhone accompanied by the Apple Watch Series 5 and dates were set for Apple Arcade and Apple TV+. However, many were left wanting more and there were rumors of other devices that finally we did not see. That’s why there are rumors that a new event will be held at the end of October. Below we analyze what we would see in that presentation.

The days when Apple usually confirms your events are usually very close to the date of your event. So it’s normal that at this point we still don’t have official information about a new event by the end of the month. While the event itself is not confirmed, many analysts suggest that it will be. The date in question is Tuesday 29th October.

The eagerly awaited 16-inch MacBook Pro

all we could see
all we could see

It has been several months since information emerged that Apple was working on a new MacBook Pro with a 16-inch screen . The truth is that the leaks have been getting bigger and bigger and everything points to the fact that, with presentation event or not, this equipment will be launched very soon.

The design could be very similar to that of the previous image and although it does not show its exact size, the truth is that it could have a body similar to the current 15-inch MacBook Pro. This would be achieved with a frame reduction that would make better use of the front and would allow a lighter computer than it would be with the current front dimensions if the 16 inches were added.

Another notable development is a new keyboard technology after several generations of failure with the butterfly keyboard, the type of keyboard that’s been built into MacBooks since 2016 and has brought many problems. On the other hand, in the box of this new MacBook Pro we would find a 96w charger that would allow the computer to be charged more quickly.

Little or nothing is known about internal components such as processor, RAM and other data of interest. However, it is clear that these will be among the best on the market, adapted to a computer that is supposed to represent the maximum power in an Apple laptop.

Will we see a new iPad Pro or will we have to wait until 2020?

The third-generation iPad Pro, launched in 2018, was a revolution for Apple tablets. They eliminated the mythical home button, reduced the frames and with a curved design very similar to that of the iPhone 5 they presented us with an iPad Pro capable of almost anything as if it were a laptop.

Image: The Verge

In the case of the new fourth-generation iPad Pro, we know rather little. It is not expected that there will be a design change given the good result of the previous one, so all the new features will come in its internal components to maximize the new iPadOS operating system . However, there have been several reports that this equipment could incorporate a double or triple camera similar to that of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, although more focused on professionals who work with augmented reality than on photography as such.

However, we cannot be sure that this new iPad Pro will be launched this October, as the last news was that will be launched early next year 2020 . Although what could happen is that it would be presented now to be launched later, but it is very difficult to imagine that it would remain “stagnant” without going on sale for 2 months.

AR Glasses, Apple Tag, AirPods 3…

The slogan “By innovation only” that Apple launched in the invitation to its last event gave a lot of talk. Although the iPhone incorporates a remarkable innovation internally, the truth is that for a majority of users this fell short. Many expected to see something totally new and in relation to the augmented reality that Apple is giving so much hype lately. So it is likely that we saw something related in the hypothetical event in October, even the famous augmented reality glasses that have been so much talked about in recent years.

On the other hand we have the Apple Tag , whose name is not 100% official either. These would be a kind of tag that would help us to locate lost objects such as house or car keys and even pets. This would be possible with the physical label itself and with the Search application that we have on the iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Finally we would also see how the AirPods 3 , a headset that for months was suspected that Apple would launch at the end of the year. Precisely in the last iOS 13.2 betas we have found references to this third generation of the popular AirPods, which would have noise cancellation and a new in-ear design .

Be that as it may, we do not know for sure that Apple will present us at the new event and we do not even know if it will take place, although everything points to it. However, we will keep you informed about it and this post will be updated with all the relevant information.

And you, do you think there will be an Apple event at the end of October? What would you expect to see in it? You can leave your impressions in the comment box.