All watchOS 4 news at WWDC17

Keynote Apple WWDC17: Seguimiento en directo.

We have just started the WWDC17 and we already have news for the Apple Watch. watchOS 4 has been shown by the executive Kevin Lynch, in charge of the operating system of the Apple watch. The company has started the keynote quite quickly , flying through the news of this platform. Let’s see the most relevant news.

New dials for the Apple Watch

All watchOS 4 news at WWDC17
All watchOS 4 news at WWDC17

Apple wanted to start by showing us the new dials of its watch. One of them uses Siri and automatic learning techniques to display notifications more intelligently. The interaction with Apple’s assistant seems more proactive, trying to anticipate our needs.

Apple has also added a sphere for the Toy Story characters, following on from the success of the Mickey and Minnie Mouse spheres. We will now have Woody, Buzz and Jessie on our Apple watches.

New dock and AirPod integration

watchOS 4 is going to release a redesigned dock. Apple announced it with watchOS 3 and it has only taken 1 year to change it completely. Now it is a carousel of cards that keep the status of all the apps, which we will be able to display with the digital crown. The company has also added intelligence to the dock to show us the apps in the right order .

Apple Music has a new app in the Apple wearable, much more powerful and intelligent. Now, the lists we use the most as well as some from the For You section will be automatically uploaded to the Apple Watch. The albums are also displayed in a way that reminds us of the old Cover Flow.

watchOS 4: requirements and availability

According to Apple, watchOS 4 will be 100% compatible with all current Apple Watch models. But it will be necessary to have an iPhone with iOS 11 to upgrade, so this means an iPhone 5s onwards. watchOS 4 will land on our wrists this autumn.

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