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All these apps have already been updated to iOS 12 and take advantage of Siri Shortcuts

Finally it has arrived, iOS 12 along with the rest of the operating systems is available for download or update on compatible devices. And with the arrival of the operating system, comes also the updates of the apps to support this new version. Many have been updated these days and many will be in the next few days, but for the moment these are the best.

Apps that have been updated to iOS 12 generally incorporate a common feature: Siri shortcuts. This is one of the main features of iOS 12, and therefore the developers have wanted to take advantage of it.

In the last weeks (and months rather) I have been able to back up some of the applications that have been most successful in taking advantage of what iOS 12 offers to users . These are some of them that you can already use and take advantage of Siri Shortcuts:

  • Halide: Halide is the app that best exploits the capabilities of the iPhone, and of course it could not miss in this compilation. Version 1.9 is now available and offers more metadata of the photos taken, compatibility with the new iPhone XS Max, better cropping in portrait modes, Siri shortcuts and a host of other changes. Special mention to the Siri Shortcuts, we can say “Hey Siri, take a picture in Halide” (or whatever we want) and take an instant picture remotely without having to touch the phone. You can purchase Halide from the App Store.
  • CARROT: Shortcuts from Siri to check the weather, see rain forecasts and more. The app has also been adapted to new devices (iPhone and Apple Watch) with larger screens. Finally, it has compatibility with the Siri sphere in the Apple Watch. You can purchase CARROT from the App Store.
  • Deliveries: The package tracking app has been updated with improved optimization for iOS 12 and new devices. Some bugs in tracking items have also been fixed. You can purchase Deliveries from the App Store.
  • Drafts: Drafts should be the starting point for any action on iOS, and it is mandatory. This amazing application that we analyzed when we got to version 5 has now been updated for iOS 12. In addition to support for Dropbox, Google Drive and WordPress APIs, it also has Siri shortcuts. The shortcuts will allow us to execute Drafts actions, capture the clipboard, view a specific draft… Endless automations for the app that automates iOS. You can purchase Drafts from the App Store.
  • 1Password:My favorite password manager and many other people’s. Why? Not only because of the small details it always incorporates, but also because of how it fits into iOS. With version 7.2 we have full support for auto-fill passwords. That is, we can configure 1Password to autofill passwords in all apps and parts of the operating system automatically. You can buy 1Password from the App Store.
  • Things: Things for iOS and macOS is an incredible task manager that knows how to make the best use of operating system resources. With the update to Things 3.7 they include support for the Siri sphere in Apple Watch, support for landscape mode on the iPhone, dynamic notifications, support for password auto-fill, and (as expected) support for Siri shortcuts. Siri shortcuts have been implemented very smartly, we can either create tasks or view lists. But we can also add variants and predefined options both for tasks created with the shortcuts and for opening list views. You can buy Things from the App Store.
  • GoodTask: If you use iOS Reminders, this app is a must, as we saw at the time. The latest update includes complications for the Apple Watch Series 4, improvements to task due dates, and Siri shortcuts for quick access to lists and smart lists. You can purchase GoodTask from the App Store.
  • Focus:An excellent app to concentrate and make the most of our work hours, as we have seen recently in the analysis we dedicated to it. The app has now reached version 5. This new version brings three important changes: better management and organization of tasks, support for the dark mode and Siri shortcuts. With Siri shortcuts we can easily control the pomodoro sessions we start, pause or finish. You can purchase Focus from the App Store.
  • Outcast: We’ve already talked about this great application for playing podcasts on the Apple Watch. Now the player has been improved thanks to the new watchOS APIs that allow audio playback by third-party apps. As if that wasn’t enough, it also brings new complications for the spheres and of course Siri shortcuts to quickly download and play the new episodes. You can purchase Outcast from the App Store.
  • Overcast: Another great podcast player that updates. With Overcast 5 we have improvements in the player interface, but also other changes. The main one is the support for offline downloading of podcasts on the Apple Watch. So you don’t have to carry your iPhone with you to listen to podcasts anymore. In addition, Siri shortcuts have been added to control playback and to play podcasts or specific lists. You can purchase Overcast from the App Store.
  • Day One: The best app for keeping a digital diary is Day One, no excuses. It was recently updated to version 3.0 with dark mode, a new editor and more. It has now been updated to support iOS 12 and its Siri shortcuts. The shortcuts will allow us to quickly create a new entry in the diary of our choice and of the type we choose: photo, audio or text. You can purchase Day One from the App Store.
  • OmniFocus: The most powerful task manager for iOS and mcOS on the App Store and Mac App Store? Probably. And with updates like this one, it proves it. In OmniFocus 3.1 (OmniFocus 3 for iOS has recently arrived) we have support for Apple Watch’s Siri Sphere, improved perspectives, and Siri shortcuts. With Siri shortcuts, we can create shortcuts for repetitive tasks that we usually complete or create, and we can also update pending tasks or access them with a simple voice command. You can purchase OmniFocus from the App Store.

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    Sky Guide: Probably the best app to learn and explore the sky. In this new update you have highlighted information that is regularly updated, calendar options to see upcoming astronomical events and shortcuts for Siri. The shortcuts in this app are amazing, just tell Siri “What star is this?” and point your iPhone at the specific star. Directly Siri, without even opening the Sky Guide app, will identify the star. You can purchase Sky Guide from the App Store.

  • Bear: One of the most complete note apps you’ll find in the App Store is Bear, so it was our App of the Week. Of course, it is also compatible with the new Siri Shortcuts, which will be added to the app as we use it. It also brings bug fixes, optimization and some new surprises like a new theme or new icons and stickers. You can purchase Bear from the App Store.
  • Streaks:An indispensable app in my day-to-day life, it allows me to create habits and complete repetitive and daily tasks. But with the new version 4.0 of Streaks it is much better. First because it adds Siri shortcuts to complete or remember tasks for later with simple voice commands. But second because of all the other changes: synchronization with other devices, timed tasks, more integration with Health, dramatic improvement in the performance of the Apple Watch app… You can purchase Streaks from the App Store.
  • Ulysses: For many the ultimate writing app, for all the features it adds. In this latest version we have support for Siri’s shortcuts. Thanks to them we can quickly create new text documents, open existing documents, get the details of one of them, copy documents to the clipboard directly… You can purchase Ulysses from the App Store.

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