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all the secrets of iOS 11

Attention, users who are looking for how to make screenshot on iPhone and iPad . Because iOS 11 has created a revolutionary way to take screenshots, edit them, cut them out and annotate them directly on your device. An improvement that deserved to be made, especially considering that iOS 11 also brought us screen recording natively.

How to take a screenshot on iPhone and iPad

Taking a screenshot depends on the device you have. Until the iPhone X comes on the market in November, this is how the screen of all Apple iOS devices is “immortalized”:

  • iPhone 5s and iPhone SE: press the power button at the top and the Home button at the same time
  • iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8 and 8 Plus: press the power button on the right side and the Home button at the same time.
  • All iPad models, iPad Air and iPad Pro: press the Power Button at the top and the Home Button at the same time
all the secrets of iOS 11
all the secrets of iOS 11

When you do this, you will hear a shutter sound identical to the one that sounds when you take a picture. However, unlike up to iOS 10 , there are now much more interesting options and editing opportunities thanks to iOS 11.

How to take a screenshot on iPhone and iPad in iOS 11

Taking a screenshot on the iPhone and iPad has not changed with iOS 11 . It’s still the same button combination, which is great because you don’t have to learn anything new or complicated. What has changed is that we will now be able to edit the image in a super easy way. Inside video:

Since I installed the iOS 11 public beta, it’s one of the new features I use every day. Now and thanks also to the iOS 11 screen recording, you can show how everything is done step by step :

  • First, you make the capture. Now it does not go directly to the photo reel, but a thumbnail appears in the lower left corner that we can touch to start the editing.
  • The markdown controls will appear, similar to the ones we have when we scan a document with iOS 11.
  • From here, we can mark with the different tools and colors we have at our disposal. With a quite interesting one: the ribbon. With this tool, you can select portions of our markings to move them from one side to another.
  • iOS 11 makes editing screenshots on the iPhone and iPad much easier and more straightforward

  • The eraser is also smart, as it erases whole lines and not like a real eraser, which only removes what is on top of it.
  • Another of my favorite functions: trimming. Already activated by default in this edit menu, just drag the corners and sides.
  • Share the capture in any media.
  • Discard the capture once it has been used if you wish to do so.

iOS 11 ya ha sido descargado en el 25% de dispositivos móviles activos de Apple.

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In the upper video it is not shown so as not to make it even longer, but in the lower right corner we have a “plus” where other options appear. Signature, text, magnifying glass and basic geometric shapes to place them in the capture we want. It is not shown either, but it is possible to make screenshot after screenshot on an iPhone or iPad with iOS 11. All of them are accumulated in a “deck” of captures that we can then calmly edit in the same way.

Little by little and as a user, I am seeing how iOS 11 is quickly becoming one of my favorite updates of the last few years. And that’s because I don’t have an iPad of any kind. Those who have installed iOS 11 on their iPad Pro, will be able to do all of this more accurately thanks to the Apple Pencil.

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