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All the new Apple Watch straps, where’s the rest?

Hermès une fuerzas con Apple: diseñará correas de cuero para el Apple Watch.

Apple has been advertising the Apple Watch as its most personal device so far for months. A new chapter in the history of the company that was weakening on a very important point: the straps . Even though it was introduced with dozens of company-designed varieties, they didn’t taste much to us.

All the new Apple Watch straps, where’s the rest?
All the new Apple Watch straps, where’s the rest?

Fortunately, those of us who expected more variety in the design of the wearable’s proprietary belts had two pieces of good news within a few weeks of its release. The first was that we saw Jony Ive showing new varieties in Milan during a fashion conference. The second was the official third party strap program for the Apple Watch.

More colours and the first straps from luxury brands

To the five initial colours of the Sport strap (blue, pink fuchsia, green, black and white), we must add ten new colours : arctic white, grey fog, lavender, navy blue, orange, red, pink, stone, turquoise and walnut. Some of them, like red and orange, are quite similar in the photos:

In the case of the leather straps, we only have the one you see below. This is the classic closing strap but in brown :

Finally, the surprise incorporation of Hermès and his particular straps . With prices still to be known and availability from October, these accessories are the first to come from a luxury company:

This is an exclusive edition that comes with a personalized sphere by Hermès, the first one we see not designed by Apple. It may be strange not to see other luxury companies like Louis Vuitton showing their own accessories, but you have to take into account that many of them are part of conglomerates that usually have watch houses among their subsidiaries.

Is that all, Apple?

Why don’t we see more companies designing straps for the Apple watch?

I admit that of all the straps presented, the ones that most catch my eye are the red Sport and the classic brown leather. Between all of them, the possible combinations have increased to a great extent but it still tastes a little. Very little indeed . For a product that aims to suit everyone’s style, the options are still very limited.

This is especially serious since Apple has decided to go with a non-standard design in order to provide greater ease of strap exchange. But it’s no use if the existing options don’t cover the strangest possible needs .

I want to see Nike try it in this market with sport straps. Other more serious brands like Calvin Klein, Polo, Hudson’s Bay, Daniel Wellington. Or funny like Disney and Coca-Cola. Even Rolex, TAG or Swatch, although I doubt it will ever happen.

The Christmas campaign is just around the corner and we have hardly heard of any more serious efforts in this direction. Without a wide variety of straps, it is very likely that the Apple Watch will never be the mainstream product it was meant to be.

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