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All the mystery of Stranger Things comes to the App Store

If the plot and style of the successful Netflix series, Stranger Things, conquered you and you are dying to see the second season this October 27th, we advance you that you can calm your anxiety while you entertain yourself with the version of the game for iOS, that the same producer of the series released a few days ago.

For this creation, all the design details have been taken care of, evoking the two-dimensional RPG games typical of old consoles.

All the mystery of Stranger Things comes to the App Store
All the mystery of Stranger Things comes to the App Store

The action begins with the choice of one of seven characters from the science fiction series, each with specific skills. Throughout each level, players will discover riddles that unfold in the same scenarios as in the series and that in the end always seek to answer us What happens on the other side and why?

If you’re interested in experiencing all the adventures that the people of Hawkins County, Indiana, have had to endure, you should download Stranger Things for iOS from the App Store, free and also optimized for iPad screens, although there is no version for tvOS at the moment.

Among the first comments from those who have already tried it, we hear good news, about a game well thought out for an entertaining adventure that can last several hours and that is more than a promotional application.

The second season of the successful series written and produced by Netflix, will premiere this October 27, a few days before the celebration of Halloween. To the joy of the fans it will offer nine episodes, one additional to the previous season.

Among the data that have been known about this second installment, we can highlight the appearance of two new characters, the brothers Billy and Max and the return of Barb, Nancy Wheeler’s friend, who was thought to have died in the first season.

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