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All apps in the App Store must be adapted to the new iPhone and iPad

The arrival of a new iPhone or iPad is sometimes a headache for developers, because if the device has screen dimensions not seen so far, we will have to adapt the interface to new requirements. This has happened with the launch at the end of last year of the iPhone XS Max, XR and iPad Pro 2018, which are suffering from the inoperativeness of many developers who have not yet adapted their applications while others have. Yesterday Apple announced that all developers should comply with this and other measures of the App Store.

In late 2018, Apple approached application developers on the App Store to urge them to use the iOS 12 SDK by March. This month Apple has again issued a release to these developers urging them to use the iOS 12.1 SDK because this version was not available when the first release was made.

All apps in the App Store must be adapted to the new iPhone and iPad
All apps in the App Store must be adapted to the new iPhone and iPad

In this iOS 12.1 release all applications should support the different display types that can be found on the iPhone and iPad . It should be remembered that the iPhone XS released in 2018 maintained the same screen dimensions as the iPhone X released in 2017, but nevertheless its XS Max version and the new iPhone XR incorporated a larger screen with dimensions not seen until now on an iOS device. A similar case to the iPad Pro 2018 that arrived with a renewed design with hardly any frames.

As reported by Apple, iOS 12 is already installed on 80% of devices supported by this version. This is a compelling reason why the company is urgently urging developers to adapt their applications to this version of the operating system. It is also requiring them to meet other requirements such as incorporating screenshots of the application in the App Store .

On the other hand it has also been requested that applications with a version on the Apple Watch are also developed with the watchOS 5.1 SDK . It should be noted that the Apple Watch Series 4 also incorporated new features in its screen design making it larger in the two available dial sizes.

I don’t know what measures Apple might take against those who don’t comply with these basic rules of the App Store, but it seems clear that the company’s goal is that its users can always enjoy the best experience with those apps included in its app store . We remember that the company doesn’t shake its pulse even with big platforms like Spotify, with whom it has had a recent conflict due to another rule of the App Store.

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